Prayerful Thursday: The Chosen, Season 2

Welcome to Prayerful Thursday. For today’s request that we are to spend this week on (and I recommend that even if I post future requests, we keep this on our list), I’m going to talk with you about something that the Lord has put on my heart. I cannot recall the video that I watched that at first told me this, but in Season 2 of The Chosen, they will be acting out the scene in the Scriptures where our Lord drove out the moneychangers and says, “My house shall be called a house of prayer.” My call is two-fold:

1. To the brother or sister in Christ reading this who uses frequently the gift of speaking in tongues as given by the Holy Spirit. I am giving you this special prayer request because we who either have it and don’t use it or don’t have it won’t know all that the season is going to portray. However, I know through much research that one who speaks in tongues can pray for over 1 thousand people in just a few minutes because you aren’t using your mind. So, my charge to you is that you help us to pray fervently for the entire season of this show. We will pray to the best of our ability pertaining to this, but I know that the Spirit will help you as you use this gift to do it much more effectively.

2. To the rest of us. Our charge is that we pray specifically for the scene I described above. What I want to do today so we will have them all in front of us is I want to endeavor to collect every Gospel’s account of this story. I need you to especially pray for Jonathan Roumi who plays Jesus. If the Lord lays it upon your heart to pray for the others, and I’m sure He will, do so as the Lord leads. When praying for Jonathan, please pray that Jesus through His Spirit takes so much posession of Jonathan that it is like Jim Caviezel describes it: the character played hm; he didn’t play the character. I will do the best I can to present to you the scenes as described in Scripture. Perhaps, I’ve stopped short of a few verses, or perhaps, I went over, but nonetheless, we all know that the Lord will use these as He wills.

“Upon entering Jerusalem Jesus went directly into the temple area and drove away all the merchants who were buying and selling their goods. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the stands of those selling doves. And he said to them, “My dwelling place will be known as a house of prayer, but you have made it into a hangout for thieves!” Then the blind and the crippled came into the temple courts, and Jesus healed them all. And the children circled around him shouting out, “Blessings and praises to the Son of David!” But when the chief priests and religious scholars heard the children shouting and saw all the wonderful miracles of healing, they were furious. They said to Jesus, “Don’t you hear what these children are saying? This is not right!” Jesus answered, “Yes, I hear them. But have you never heard the words ‘You have fashioned the lips of children and little ones to compose your praises’?” Jesus then left at once for the nearby village of Bethany, where he spent the night.”

Matthew 21:12-17 TPT

“When they came into Jerusalem, Jesus went directly into the temple area and overturned all the tables and benches of the merchants who were doing business there. One by one he drove them all out of the temple courts, and they scattered away, including the money changers and those selling doves. And he would not allow them to use the temple courts as a thoroughfare for carrying their merchandise and their furniture. Then he began to teach the people, saying, “Does not the Scripture say, ‘My house will be a house of prayer for all the world to share’? But you have made it a thieves’ hangout!” When the chief priests and religious scholars heard this, they began to hatch a plot as to how they could eliminate Jesus. But they feared him and his influence, because the entire crowd was carried away with astonishment by his teaching. So he and his disciples spent the nights outside the city.”

Mark 11:15-19 TPT

Like I say, pray as the Spirit leads and may the Lord richly bless this show and us who watch it! Also:

“‘ ADONAI bless you and keep you! ADONAI make His face to shine on you and be gracious to you! ADONAI turn His face toward you and grant you shalom!’”

Numbers 6:24-26 TLV

Love in Christ,


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Wondering Wednesday: Is Jesus Alive?

Today’s wondering Wednesday post talks to the skeptics of the Gospels. They say that we cannot trust them because of the lack of historians commenting on things such as the darkness that happened when Jesus was crucified. Today, we will be looking at an article pertaining to this topic. A note and warning: One reason why I am using these articles is because these people are more experienced in making the arguments needed. If you have any questions, please go to and contact the site directly. However, you can still give your feedback and/or comments on this blog.

The Evidence Of The Darkness At The Resurrection Of Christ And That We Can Trust The Gospels

Jesus the Jerk? A Response To the Friendly Atheist

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope this inspired you to do your own research into the archaeological evidence of that which is written in the Gospels and/or other parts of the Bible.


Have you received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior or need to rededicate your life to Christ? Here’s how!

Steps To Peace

Testimony Tuesday: Pastor of Dallas Megachurch Steps Down Due To Pride

Welcome to this edition of Testimony Tuesday. I’d like to discuss with you a news article about a Pastor from Dallas Texas who stepped down for a bit, taking a sabbatical. What’s the reason? Pride. This is a first for me. Usually the Pastors are forced out by scandal and then reinstated. However, this is a good sight that this Pastor has discussed this with the elders of this Church, seeing that the Lord dealt with him through his frs and the Spirit Himself, and the leadership decided that he would take a sabbatical. He told his congregation to not think this scandalous. I felt today (September 10, 2020), to post this as a Testimony to the fact that pride comes in all forms. His name is Todd Wagner.

A Background Story To The Article

I forgot to mention that Pastor Todd Wagner says that he doesn’t consider himself prideful because “I don’t look in the mirror and clap.” With that, I’d like to give you my background story about pride’s expossure in my own life.

I also never considered myself prideful. Although I never mentioned in words that God was the one that got the glory, I knew it in my heart. I used to tell everyone who I prayed for. I used to post on Messenger messages to different people something like, “I’m an Intercessor. If you need anything, I’m here and would like to pray for you.” I never understood that I should just let the Father in Heaven be the one to promote my gift. I should do what the Father told me to do, but shut my mouth and let the people who I’m tersceede for find me by the Spirit of God. There is so much details I could write here, but I c’t recall them. There would be times when Grandma would hear me praying or acting a certain way and she’d call me on it, saying, “Patelin, I know your heart. However, there will be people out there who don’t and they will be judgmental toward you thinking, She’s acting like the Pharisees in her prayers,” or something along those lines. I’m glad she did. That brought me to ask the Lord to humble me. I’d ask Him to expose any pride in me, because I by no means want pride in my heart. I want the Lord’s glory to be revealed in and through even this blog.

I’m Taking A Sabbatical

Here is the article which I have been discussing. Be open to the Spirit’s conviction about pride in your own heart.

Texas Megachurch Pastor Steps Down Due to Struggling with Sin of Pride

Final Thoughts

Please feel free to post your thoughts on how this Testimony Tuesday blog has helped you. I ask you to take this to the Lord in prayer. Be sure to remind yourself of any times that your family, frs, Church Family (Pastors, Elders, or just laymembers), have said to you. Think of the times that people have asked you like they did Todd, “Are you okay?” Or perhaps, like me, the Lord showed you something and your Grandma says, “You’re still just learning,” so you aren’t as hard on yourself as you should be (she’s only done this one time when the Lord convicted me of judging my Aunt and Uncale after going home from one of my Aunts’ birthday party at a Limozene. I won’t get into the details here, but I came crying back to the bed and Grandma says, “You’re still learning. You don’t act like you know it all!” And then later on during the Quarantine, the Lord showed it to me again, and this time I listened). Todd’s right! Pride is the inability to understand the problem of your fleshly actions and to accept either the rebukes of your Church Family/family and frs, and/or the rebukes of the Lord. This today has opened my eyes as well.


Dear Heavenly Father,

We bow before You in humility. I ask O Holy Father, that You would expose pride in our hearts. Show us where we have despised the correction of the Lord and refused to listen to You. Show us where we have hardened our hearts toward Your voice and/or the voices of those You’ve put in our path. We pray and prayer of David:

God, I invite your searching gaze into my heart. Examine me through and through; find out everything that may be hidden within me. Put me to the test and sift through all my anxious cares. See if there is any path of pain I’m walking on, and lead me back to your glorious, everlasting ways–the path that brings me back to you (Psalms 139:23-24, TPT).

Father, the Word of God says in Mark 16:20, TPT, “And the apostles went out anouncing the good news everywhere, as the Lord consistently worked with them, validating the message they preached with miracle-signs that accompanied them!” Father, in the name of Jesus, by the power and authority of His Name, by faith in the Word of God, and by the blood of the Lamb, I ask that You would validate what is being spoken in our hearts and lives with signs and wonders. May the world see more of a humble people in their midst as we go out this week. I ask this in Jesus’ name, amen!

Songs To Take To Heart

This blog is over. However, I’d like to leave us with some songs to take to heart and memmorize for worshipful purposes this week and beyond. God bless!

Warning Against Others, Part 16: Who Or What Did Our Lord Warn Against? Part 13

Welcome again to Warning Against Others. Today, we will be doing something different. Considering that our Lord warned against the Pharisees, I’d like to hear with you a Messianic Jewish Perspective on the subject. Are all Pharisees bad? Are some good and some bad? Now, here is your assignment for this project. If you find offense with what the speaker in the link/s have to say, pray about and study it for yourselves. Don’t be so proud as to say, “I’m right and you are wrong.” All of us have been taught a certain way. Just because it doesn’t fit into your box, doesn’t make it truth. So, without further adue, let’s begin:

The reason why I tell you to pray and study for yourselves is that we cannot afford to have leaven such as generalization. We cannot afford to say, “All Catholics are based on works,” or “All Pharisees are bad,” or whatever you may say. Jesus Christ, the One we claim to believe in and represent, would never generalize and call all beyond hope. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God rather we be Pharisees, Sadducees, Eseens (another Jewish Sect), Catholics, Protestants, Evangilicals, etc. Let’s learn to give others the same grace given to us (Matthew 18:21-35). God bless!

Love in Christ,


P.S. By no means do I intend to judge people. I myself was shocked when I first was introduced to the idea of all Pharisees not being bad, but I didn’t want anyone unnecessarilly angry and debating. I will say though, post your prayerful thoughts in the comments below. I forget most of the time to say this, but you are always welcome to comment.

What Should I Do?

Today, I also would like as a result of the Sermon Sunday I put out to write a blog mobilizing everyone reading. As you will see in the coming weeks (this was actually written on August 23, 2020, so things may change before this blog gets released and perhaps you have already seen the following blog I will mention), a blog is scheduled to come out that is a Prayerful Thursday blog. It will discuss how there needs to be a change in policing. The article which is posted at the end of this blog that I mentioned previously mentions the Prayer And Action Justice which mobilizes Christian organizations and individuals alike to pursue true biblical justice. I signed the statement on August 23, 2020 (not mentioning this for bragging purposes). I ask you now to join me in this endeavor. I don’t yet know how I will start to take steps of action about what we discussed today, but I do know that we need to start at least. We need to start taking leaps of faith and try to protect the unity of the faith as I’ve previously stated:

Let’s pray and ask the Father to reveal to us strategies as to how we can begin to turn the tables.

Now, here’s the link to the Initiative I alluded to. Please comment below if you signed the statement and you and/or your Church plans on joining us in this endeavor.

Thank you again for your time in reading this blog. God bless!

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