COVID-19, Guns and Current Events

The following blog presents a podcast about current events, COVID-19, Guns and more. They talk about wearing masks and why she doesn’t wear masks, and like I said previously, both sides are persuasive concerning this, so I wear one to be safe. This is also why I will be getting a vaccine which is another… Continue reading COVID-19, Guns and Current Events

Six Reasons To Trust God

I want to talk today about what we heard in Church so that you won’t miss out if you couldn’t go to Church. First, we sang Bless The Lord Oh My Soul, and Holy holy holy Lord God Almighty … (Anus Dei). Now to the lesson at hand. Here are six reasons why we should… Continue reading Six Reasons To Trust God

Anti-Maskers Charged With Murder?

You read that right. In My Thoughts On Masks, I showed you my position concerning masks and why I stand where I stand. This article from The Washington Examiner shows that a a city councilwoman wants antimaskers to be convicted of attempted murder. Like I said previously, the internet can sway you both ways–the masks… Continue reading Anti-Maskers Charged With Murder?

Breaking News

The following blog contains some videos that I thought we should look at. Patrick Byrne, founder and CEO of Overstock, is interviewed mentioning the facilitation of a bribe on behalf of the FBI for 18 million dollars, this being the second one. This interview can be found here. In this next video, Scott McCay: Gives… Continue reading Breaking News

Trick Or Treat!

I know that some of you don’t celebrate Halloween (I’m one), but for those that do or at least help out with the kids and hand out candy, I want to do a blog with some information concerning Trick Or Treat outings this year due to COVID-19. This first resource discusses ways in which people… Continue reading Trick Or Treat!

A Unified Body

Beloved, I would like to talk with you today. I am going to share a blog with you all that I just read and some thoughts on the subject. I’d like to give you some volcabulary words. Bolth are linked to each other. 1. Spiteful: showing or caused by malice. 2. Malice: The intention or… Continue reading A Unified Body

A Clarion Call

Folks, this is a clarion call. This is a call to vote for your local congressmen and congresswomen. The following article from The Epoch Times is pertaining to a representative who beat his democratic opponent in the primaries in New York’s 16th district. If you are someone who truly wants the Lord’s will to be… Continue reading A Clarion Call



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