My Thoughts: Pornography and Marriage, Part 1

I am listening to a podcast called Thirty Minutes with the Perry’s and I want to comment on the parts that bless me as I listen to these podcasts so we can have conversations in the comments below and pray for each other. The first thing I want to talk about is where they talk… Continue reading My Thoughts: Pornography and Marriage, Part 1

Prayer Campaign for Bill Nye

I want today to give you some background and a clarion call concerning a burden from the Lord: On May 31, 2019, I was reading a book (at least this is the day that I wrote a mobilization post on Facebook which I reposted here on my blog for those that don’t have Facebook) called… Continue reading Prayer Campaign for Bill Nye

The Kingdom Advancement Podcast Trailler

The following blog is concerning a video I made earlier that I’d like to share with you. I will not be posting on any Social Media sites first (although I already did it this time) before I post them on my blog. This is because it is hard to upload videos to other sites that… Continue reading The Kingdom Advancement Podcast Trailler

Games To Try

I wanted to give you some recommendations as to some games you can try. First, if you have a Google Home, click here for a video I did a while back on YouTube where I played two Bible Trivia games on my own Google Home device. Also, I don’t know what kind of apps you… Continue reading Games To Try

Voting For Joe Biden

Welcome to this blog. I am about to share with you a blog from Mario Murillo Ministries. What he says essentially is this: If you voted for Biden, knowing the facts of the corruption he was a part of that’s coming out, and knowing that he is pro-abortion, essentially, you are doomed. However, if you… Continue reading Voting For Joe Biden

Abortion And Your Vote

I want to begin by reminding you that you are not voting for a personality. I want to show you some resources, one of which will elaborate on what I am talking about. WE’RE NOT JUST VOTING FOR A CANDIDATE – WE’RE CHOOSING A KINGDOM You must pray about and research what I’m putting… Continue reading Abortion And Your Vote

Solemn Assemblies

Welcome to this blog. Today, I want to gather the many different solemn assemblies which I have watched. Please participate with us in these assemblies. God bless! The Leading Of The Holy Spirit Be by the leading of the Holy Spirit. At first, I watched The Return and was writing the things we were repenting… Continue reading Solemn Assemblies

The Truth About Abortion And Human Life Part 1: Introduction

Welcome to this blog. I have done many blogs discussing in small details the debate on Abortion. Here is what we will be looking at in this series. Resources To Consider In Prayer And Research This heading mainly will describe the types of things I will be researching and posting in this blog. Here’s the… Continue reading The Truth About Abortion And Human Life Part 1: Introduction

Sermon Sunday: your porn battle plan

For today’s sermon Sunday, I want to prayerfully visit something that we have touched on and will continue to in the past and future testimony Tuesday blogs. This is a blog presenting different perspectives on pornography and sexual immorality and how to get free. Prayerfully consider this blog and the resources presented here Joseph Prince:… Continue reading Sermon Sunday: your porn battle plan

Testimony Tuesday: Living Pure In A Pornified World

Hello everyone! Today’s Testimony Tuesday is brought to you by the CBN Show Unhooked: Purity In A Pornified World. Are you struggling with Pornography? Be encouraged; for you too can be free. Listen to these panelists as they tell you how you too can be free. According to the website, there is a series, so… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday: Living Pure In A Pornified World