Learning from The Bible’s Saints

I am doing another rom on Clubhouse today where we look at the saints of God in the Bible and learn from their mistakes and successes. We may discuss other people’s wicked acts, but our main thing is looking at brothers and sisters in Christ and knowing how to proceed in our Christian walk. Come… Continue reading Learning from The Bible’s Saints

Daughter of Destiny Chapter 1 Reading

I did the room on Clubhouse that I told you about earlier, but in reading Chapter 1, the audio went in and out. I watched the replay and found out that one of the people said, “Can you hear me,” and I could hear noise in the background where I was at but I couldn’t… Continue reading Daughter of Destiny Chapter 1 Reading

Are You Dressed For The Wedding

Here is my friend Michael’s YouTube video where Pastor Mickey Banks preaches a sermon by the name of this title, which can be found here. Actually, I realize now that I didn’t get this sermon recorded. However, I did post a two-part sermon series which is my reflection on this sermon. The sermon series is… Continue reading Are You Dressed For The Wedding

Explaining The Grace of God

I recorded the message again today from last night that we heard at Church, but my iClwhd storage was full and was unable to record the full video. My friend who to protect his identity online goes by the name Michael has also recorded the sermon. I wanted to come on here and give you… Continue reading Explaining The Grace of God

Is The Truth The Truth Regardless Of Feelings?

A while back, I wrote a blog called Sermon Sunday: The Word’s Place In Our Lives. It talks about the same thing in different terms that the podcast called Skillet’s John Cooper Breaks Down “Scary” Changes In Culture And How Christians Can “Truth In The Chaos Of A Relativistic World.” There are some people that… Continue reading Is The Truth The Truth Regardless Of Feelings?

The Chosen TV Series Update

I want to give you an update here in a minute about Season 2 of The Chosen. Right now, Dallas Jenkins is locking episode 4, which he explains in this video, which can be found here. Please pray for The Chosen Team as they film, edit and distribute all of the rest of the seasons.… Continue reading The Chosen TV Series Update

Prayer For Unity

I want to share with you a podcast I just got through creating, where I pray with the listeners for unity in the Church. However, first, I will link to the referenced podcast and prophecy. I read in the podcast a prophecy from Mark Taylor 3-3-17 — Spiritual Treason. I also mention (and I forgot… Continue reading Prayer For Unity

The Story Of A Woman Who Survived An Abortion That Killed Her Twin

The following blog is a showing of Politely Rude With Abby Johnson, where Claire Culwell shares the incredible story of the abortion that killed her twin which she survived from. Also, we get to learn of the journey which Abby and Claire took together (which started shortly after Abby got out of the abortion industry).… Continue reading The Story Of A Woman Who Survived An Abortion That Killed Her Twin

Obtaining The Power Of God

The article which I will be commenting on can be found here. The Word of God says in Isaiah 55:11 that His Word does not return to Him void but it establishes that which He intended when He sent it forth. I believe that the Church is not having its power because the Word of… Continue reading Obtaining The Power Of God

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