My Thoughts: Pornography and Marriage, Part 1

I am listening to a podcast called Thirty Minutes with the Perry’s and I want to comment on the parts that bless me as I listen to these podcasts so we can have conversations in the comments below and pray for each other. The first thing I want to talk about is where they talk… Continue reading My Thoughts: Pornography and Marriage, Part 1

Who Is Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj?

I have been posting words quite frequently by Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj and have forgotten to show us first what he’s all about? What is his testimony? Etc. So, that is my mission for this blog which I now present to you. The first video is about 45 minutes long. The following video is the… Continue reading Who Is Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj?

Antioch Series Part 1: The Divine Slingshot — MAPS Global

Communities of corporate prayer and worship become the slingshot for laborers. The kinds of laborers needed for the harvest in the nations are born, nurtured, and sent from worship and prayer communities. Jesus has zeal that these laborers would reproduce this culture in every city and nation to which they are sent. (Mark 14:9, Malachi… Continue reading Antioch Series Part 1: The Divine Slingshot — MAPS Global

Beyond Politics | Elisha Vision – Commentary

The world is about to focus squarely on the first U.S. Presidential debate, but what should we look for? The pundits blab incessantly about style or bloopers or personality, but they are wrong. The only consideration is the clear substantial differences in the future policies of the candidates and their party platforms. In my lifetime…… Continue reading Beyond Politics | Elisha Vision – Commentary

Pray For Hillary Clinton

Introduction Hello everyone! There are some things I want us to consider. Christ tells us to love our enemies ′Matthew 5:44′. There are other Scriptures on the subject where Jesus goes in depth. The Christian Response I want us to go back in time in our minds. Go ahead! Close your eyes! Let the Spirit… Continue reading Pray For Hillary Clinton

Why God Is Not Letting You Move On From Someone in Your Past: Part 2

This is the same as was in the video, but for those that like to read, here you go. Sorry if you’ve already watched the video. Here are 4 possible reasons God is not allowing you to move on from someone in your past. — Read on

God May Be Telling You Something If You Can’t Get Over Someone In Your Past: Part 1

This post is part one because there will be an article from the same website by the same name. I encourage you to take notes even if you have yet to be in a relationship so that you will be prepared when or if you get wounded and what to do. God bless!

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