The Word says that we ought not be afraid because God goes before us to ensure a full victory (Deuteronomy 31:8). The Word also talks about King Joash of Israel being instructed in Elisha’s final days to strike the ground with the arrows after opening a window. The king only struck the ground with theContinue reading “Victory”

God’s Warning

The following is a commentary on an article written back in 1957 for BGEA’S Decision Magazine. This article is a warning from God through Billy Grahm about the coming judgment over America, which can be found here. The first thing I want to discuss is the idolatry which Billy points out when discussing Jeremiah’s warningContinue reading “God’s Warning”

Prayerful Thursday: Greed Exposure

Welcome to Prayerful Thursday. Today, I will be posting from Facebook a dream which Jo Ellen Stevens, has released recently. I am going to release this week two Prayerful Thursday blogs, this being the second. The post itself consists of an urgent prayer request, which can be found here. However, there is also greed inContinue reading “Prayerful Thursday: Greed Exposure”

The Benefits Of Pecans

As you can see from the image above, this blog will deal with the benefits of Pecans. Let’s begin. The following link is an interview with someone who works at Pecan Ridge. He goes into the benefits of Pecans such as help with aging, Heart Health, the boosting of the immune system (good for rightContinue reading “The Benefits Of Pecans”

My Thoughts On Masks

The following blog is where I stand on the mask issue. There are people who believe that Masks are safer and there are people who believe that they are putting that stuff out to try and control the people. I am going to give us both sides of the spectrum and where I stand. HereContinue reading “My Thoughts On Masks”

Chaotic America And Where She Is At

Hello everyone! I will be commenting on an article put out by Franklin Grahm called, America In Chaos: How Did We Get Here. I want us to consider this in depth and also consider the prophetic utterances which God spoke forth through His prophets. He begins by informing us of the looting and protests thatContinue reading “Chaotic America And Where She Is At”

Could This Be Jezebel’s Last Stand?

The following sermon from November 8th talks about how God will not overturn the vote of the people unless this vote is due to some kind of voter fraud. He reminds us of when Israel choose a king “like all of the other nations,” instead of allowing the Lord to rule them. He tells ofContinue reading “Could This Be Jezebel’s Last Stand?”

The Hammer Is – Down

Hello everyone! This is an urgent prophetic word given to Liberty Turnipseed just last night which she released today. Because of its urgency, I want to post it here on this blog. Also, the Lord gave her two things that we must do which I will discuss after this video. God bless! What We AsContinue reading “The Hammer Is – Down”

Stop Communist China

Sign our petition to stop the Chinese Communist government’s deception and manipulation. We need Congress to act NOW to prevent China’s growing influence. — Read on

The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 6: Abortion And The Link To The Coronavirus

Welcome! At the first of this video, Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj discusses things such as the mark of the beast, the cashless society and other predictions. Then, in the 10 minute mark, which is why I decided to put this video in our abortion series, until the end of the video, he discusses other plaguesContinue reading “The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 6: Abortion And The Link To The Coronavirus”

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