Learning from The Bible’s Saints

I am doing another rom on Clubhouse today where we look at the saints of God in the Bible and learn from their mistakes and successes. We may discuss other people’s wicked acts, but our main thing is looking at brothers and sisters in Christ and knowing how to proceed in our Christian walk. Come… Continue reading Learning from The Bible’s Saints

Daughter of Destiny Chapter 1 Reading

I did the room on Clubhouse that I told you about earlier, but in reading Chapter 1, the audio went in and out. I watched the replay and found out that one of the people said, “Can you hear me,” and I could hear noise in the background where I was at but I couldn’t… Continue reading Daughter of Destiny Chapter 1 Reading

My First Room on Clubhouse

I will be reading the book called Daughter of Destiny by Kathryn Kuhlman today on the new social network Ckubhouse and we will be discussing the mistakes and successes of Kathryn’s ministry and life and how we can better live our Christian lives and/or conduct our ministries. Here is the link to the room: https://www.clubhouse.com/join/back-to-the-early-church/zQOZ2A98/M1e465OQ?utm_medium=ch_invite&utm_campaign=hNxbA3TJl3IW-yWL9jRK5Q-130236… Continue reading My First Room on Clubhouse

I Am A Christian

This poem came from a Facebook post from a friend of mine and I thought it was amazing. There was no title on it, so this is why I entitled it, “I am a Christian,” and also because that was the main theme within the poem. God bless and I hope that this blesses your heart! ‚Äč

Domestic Violence Or Other Dangers

I want to show you a report that I came across on my YouTube home section. This 911 caller was experiencing domestic violence and had to report it somehow in code, so she ordered a Pizza, so to speak (in other words, the code was the Pizza order as she talked with 911). If you… Continue reading Domestic Violence Or Other Dangers

Conspiracy Theory: Trup Is A Freemason

Correction: About two days ago after I had already published this blog, I found out that the Freemasons will put other masons first above even their own family and therefore, there are no public rolls of who is in or who is not. the man in the article below may be telling us the truth,… Continue reading Conspiracy Theory: Trup Is A Freemason

Are You Dressed For The Wedding

Here is my friend Michael’s YouTube video where Pastor Mickey Banks preaches a sermon by the name of this title, which can be found here. Actually, I realize now that I didn’t get this sermon recorded. However, I did post a two-part sermon series which is my reflection on this sermon. The sermon series is… Continue reading Are You Dressed For The Wedding

Not Ashamed

I want today to take the time to show you some sermons from Pastor Mickey Banks. This blog is about the sermon called Not Ashamed. The sermot that I linked to was from my channel, but here is the same sermon from my friend Michael’s end which can be found here. God bless! If you… Continue reading Not Ashamed

A Warning Concerning The Supernatural

Today I made a video about this topic and want to give you an extended version. The video can be found here. I first want to begin by giving you a challenge: For thirty days, listen to people like: Bob Larson… The Real Exorcist! IsaiahSaldivar Nay… By His Grace. Vlad Savchuk Armen Ministries Jennifer LeClaire… Continue reading A Warning Concerning The Supernatural

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