Celebration Of A Pro-Life Victory

I want to share with you a playlist which has the podcast I made concerning SB6 from Arkansas which got passed in the House and is now being sent to the Governor’s desk. I’ll continue to add songs to this playlist in celebration, but here it is. The podcast has more details and a petition… Continue reading Celebration Of A Pro-Life Victory


The Word says that we ought not be afraid because God goes before us to ensure a full victory (Deuteronomy 31:8). The Word also talks about King Joash of Israel being instructed in Elisha’s final days to strike the ground with the arrows after opening a window. The king only struck the ground with the… Continue reading Victory

Worship – Jeff On A Mission

I was standing in church this week, yes, actually IN church, with like, other people! I was standing in church singing and worshiping with my church family and it’s one of my favorite parts of the service for two main reasons- 1. because I feel like it aligns my heart with God’s will, and 2.,…… Continue reading Worship – Jeff On A Mission

A Word From Prophet Tracy To You

May you be blessed as I was. Tuesday morning, I had been queazy and had already taken Pepto twice. Well, I had been crying not necessarily because of the queaziness, but because I knew the damage that I was doing to my body due to taking so much Pepto. When Grandma came to check on… Continue reading A Word From Prophet Tracy To You

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