Growing Up In Christ

The following 58 minute sermon discusses Matthew 6:33 and its meaning. There are 3 words that the Lord gave Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj for this message which you will hear during the durration of this video. At the end, he discusses tests of faith such as Martyrdom and the Mark of the Beast that one mustContinue reading “Growing Up In Christ”

Prayerful Thursday: Influenza

Last week, we prayed pertaining to COVID-19. Now, let’s pray for its sister virus: Influenza. Remember the article and video that I posted last week about unbelief and faith. We have been silent for too long and it stops this year. We currently have a Vaccine for the Flu, but I believe that with theContinue reading “Prayerful Thursday: Influenza”

Do. Not. Fear. | Elisha Vision – Commentary

Why is such a simple idea so hard for some? We live in a day dominated by fear, not fear of a pandemic, but a pandemic of fear. DO. NOT. FEAR. Why is such a simple idea so hard for some? This basic Bible admonition is seemingly impossible for many. The answer is that we…Continue reading “Do. Not. Fear. | Elisha Vision – Commentary”

Prayerful Thursday: COVID-19

This week’s topic should really be for every week. I do recommend that when we do these, we schedule some time out in the day to keep praying for that subject even when we get other subjects. This week’s topic is COVID-19, so this blog will be very short. All I ask you to doContinue reading “Prayerful Thursday: COVID-19”

“New Normal” – The Mystical Apologetic

Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”2 Corinthians 5:17 In Christ we are called new creations. In Christ we are promised transformation and new life. But this is something we need to actively pursue as well. Jesus is the…Continue reading ““New Normal” – The Mystical Apologetic”

Fun Friday: S1E6

Hello everybody! I’d like to post today on Fun Friday The Chosen, Episode 6 as you see in the title. Again, if you want the app, the website is, and if just for more information or to watch ox the computer (the app is preferable for better quality according to Dallas Jenkins the directorContinue reading “Fun Friday: S1E6”

The Secret of How God Meets Your Ministry Needs — Charisma Leader

When you understand this concept, you’ll understand how He does it. — Read on

10 Signs You Lack a Biblical Worldview — Charisma News

This article aims to inspire believers to think God’s thoughts as they pertain to faith and culture. — Read on

The Awesome Power of our Omnipotent God |

When you place your faith in the Omnipotent God, believing on His awesome power with all your heart, He will enable you to achieve the insurmountable and accomplish the unthinkable. — Read on

How to Boldly Move Forward (Even When You’re Afraid) | Everyday Answers – Joyce Meyer Ministries

Instead of giving in to our fears, we can choose to be bold, confident and courageous through Christ. Joyce Meyer reminds us to choose Boldness — Read on

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