Testimony Tuesday: Jesica Harris’s Porn Batle

Welcome to this edition of Testimony Tuesday. I want today to talk with you about Jesica Harris’s story. She’s a blogger and has a book out called The Beggar’s Daughter which can be found here (for Amazon), unfortunately it cannot be found on Bookshare for those that would rather not buy books on such things… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday: Jesica Harris’s Porn Batle

Fun Friday: The Chosen, Pilot Episode

Merry Christmas everyone! One thing I forgot to do when we first started these Fun Friday blogs is post the Pilot Episode of The Chosen. I will post first a video on here of how The Chosen began so you will know why I call today’s episode the Pilot Episode. This episode is about the… Continue reading Fun Friday: The Chosen, Pilot Episode

Creating Great Relationships | Everyday Answers – Joyce Meyer Ministries

Joyce Meyer helps us to learn how to have a great relationship with others. — Read on joycemeyer.org/everydayanswers/ea-teachings/creating-great-relationships

The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 4: What Does An Abortion Look Like?

The following videos are from a YouTube Channel called Live Action. Of course, it is from the Pro-life movement, but this person is no longer an Abortionist and has flipped sides to tell the world the horrors of Abortion. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimester Ahortions Summarized In O Video The following video is a… Continue reading The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 4: What Does An Abortion Look Like?

Antioch Series Part 4: A Heavenly Family — MAPS Global

Even though Peter had the correct theological stance of inclusion for the Gentiles through the gospel at the Jerusalem council, we find out soon that having the right theological stance can be much different than acknowledging your own ethnocentricity and allowing God, by the power of the Spirit, to search you and fully deliver you… Continue reading Antioch Series Part 4: A Heavenly Family — MAPS Global

Sermon Sunday: Mercy

Welcome to Sermon Sunday. First things first, due to our sermon we will be listening to, I’m going to start by posting an article: My Meeting With Pastor Joseph Prince — Charisma News Now that we’ve established that he’s someone we should listen to as a true teacher of the Gospel, I’d like to present… Continue reading Sermon Sunday: Mercy

Sermon Sunday: Racism

Welcome to Sermon Sunday. Today, it is going to be different. We will be discussing prayerfully. I want to start some discussions in homes. I pray that this will begin a journey for all of us pertaining to the truth about things such as Racism and Abortion. God bless! https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2020/august/what-the-bible-says-about-racism-why-this-mans-article-is-top-search-on-google What does the Bible say… Continue reading Sermon Sunday: Racism

Wondering Wednesday: Islam

Today, I’d like to discuss the differences between Allah (the god of Islam), and the God of the Bible. This is also for the Christian’s information as well as any Muslim who happens to read this blog. The article is only pointed toward informing Messianic Believers in Christ and Christians across the world who read… Continue reading Wondering Wednesday: Islam

Testimony Tuesday: Brittni De La Mora

Welcome again to Testimony Tuesday. Today, we will be discussing again Pornography. This year’s unhooked series will be all about this topic. So, ever so often, I’ll post another testimony/interview of someone that you saw on the pannel last time I posted about this topic. Her name is Brittni De La Mora. Here’s what the… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday: Brittni De La Mora

Hope in a Bag of Groceries | CBN.com

Streets are empty in Guatemala City. How does a widow raising two young children survive in today’s pandemic? Madeline was running out of food and out of options. And no one seemed to care. But God sent you and CBN’s Operation Blessing to bring help, hope and encouragement. See all the good you are doing! — Read on… Continue reading Hope in a Bag of Groceries | CBN.com