A Warning Concerning The Supernatural

Today I made a video about this topic and want to give you an extended version. The video can be found here. I first want to begin by giving you a challenge: For thirty days, listen to people like: Bob Larson… The Real Exorcist! IsaiahSaldivar Nay… By His Grace. Vlad Savchuk Armen Ministries Jennifer LeClaire… Continue reading A Warning Concerning The Supernatural

A Real Haunted House Cleansing

Are you fascinated with the Hollywood Haunted House shows or movies? I am here to tell you that the way exorcism is shown in these shows or movies is not the real deal. I thought I’d take the time today to show you another one of Bob Larson’s videos, but this time, it is an… Continue reading A Real Haunted House Cleansing

What? The Q Movement is Demonic?

Are you a part of the Q movement? I want you to glue your eyes to the screen as you watch an exorcism of a lady who was in the Lutheran Church until she was 20, got into the New Age (she also played with a Ouija Board at the age of 12), dealt drugs,… Continue reading What? The Q Movement is Demonic?

Marvel’s The Eternals and Bob Larson’s Perspective

Do you watch the Marvel movies and/or read their books as a Christian? Well, set an alarm because about 3 hours from now, Bob Larson will be doing a live vlog on this subject. Be in prayer and preparation to receive what he has to say on the subject. I thought I’d share it now… Continue reading Marvel’s The Eternals and Bob Larson’s Perspective

New Age Deception, Part 24: Edgar Cayce

I can’t remember the exact subject, although I think it was reincarnation. However, in the process of writing these “New Age Ceception” blogs, I was researching about Edgar Cayce. I had heard about him a little bit during the days that I was listening to scary stories and getting into other videos. I had heard… Continue reading New Age Deception, Part 24: Edgar Cayce

Holiness by J. C. Ryle Commentary

Today, I would like to begin a journey with you: Let’s read Holiness by J. C. Ryle together. I will show you where I agree and where I disagree with this book, and in this process we will grow together in the Lord. Please pick up a copy of this book and read along. Introduction… Continue reading Holiness by J. C. Ryle Commentary

How Do I Know if I Have A Demon?

First, you can go to http://www.demontest.org and take the demon test. It is free and so is the account-making. You will have to make an account first. However, Bob Larson will be preaching tonight at Tampa, Florida, on this very subject. Here is the seminar’s livestream: God bless! If you need further deliverance, go to… Continue reading How Do I Know if I Have A Demon?

The Truth About Abortion and Human Life, Part 51: The Spirit of Abortion

The Bible says, “You shall not kill.” (Exodus 20:13). I have heard before from Jennifer LeClaire about the spirit of abortion through her self-deliverance prayers videos. I never understood the idea until now. It is the spirit of murder. A lady was at one of Bob Larson’s seminars and received an exorcism, and I want… Continue reading The Truth About Abortion and Human Life, Part 51: The Spirit of Abortion

Prayer Campaign for Psychics’ Salvation

How many of you have read my New Age Deceptions blogs or know what the Bible says concerning the practices of the Occult. If you haven’t already done your resnch, please click on this link and read my previous blogs. This way, you will understand from the Lord’s perspective why I am writing this blog… Continue reading Prayer Campaign for Psychics’ Salvation

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

I want to talk today about a very controversial topic that has been debated for centuries, or so I think: Should we as Christians celebrate Halloween or not? The above video is my thoughts in summary concerning the subject: I do believe that we can go to Horror night events and preach the gospel and… Continue reading Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?