Not Ashamed

I want today to take the time to show you some sermons from Pastor Mickey Banks. This blog is about the sermon called Not Ashamed. The sermot that I linked to was from my channel, but here is the same sermon from my friend Michael’s end which can be found here. God bless! If you… Continue reading Not Ashamed

A Warning Concerning The Supernatural

Today I made a video about this topic and want to give you an extended version. The video can be found here. I first want to begin by giving you a challenge: For thirty days, listen to people like: Bob Larson… The Real Exorcist! IsaiahSaldivar Nay… By His Grace. Vlad Savchuk Armen Ministries Jennifer LeClaire… Continue reading A Warning Concerning The Supernatural

Holiness by J. C. Ryle Commentary

Today, I would like to begin a journey with you: Let’s read Holiness by J. C. Ryle together. I will show you where I agree and where I disagree with this book, and in this process we will grow together in the Lord. Please pick up a copy of this book and read along. Introduction… Continue reading Holiness by J. C. Ryle Commentary

Prayerful Thursday: Bob Larson and Boyd Rice

I want in this blog today to do a two-fold Prayerful Thursday. The first is a Halloween assignment, and the second is something we will be doing past Halloween: Pray for Boyd Rice, America’s #1 Satanist, and Bob Larson who is an exorcism. Boyd Rice, the #1 Satanist of America I want to go off… Continue reading Prayerful Thursday: Bob Larson and Boyd Rice

The Truth About Abortion and Human Life, Part 51: The Spirit of Abortion

The Bible says, “You shall not kill.” (Exodus 20:13). I have heard before from Jennifer LeClaire about the spirit of abortion through her self-deliverance prayers videos. I never understood the idea until now. It is the spirit of murder. A lady was at one of Bob Larson’s seminars and received an exorcism, and I want… Continue reading The Truth About Abortion and Human Life, Part 51: The Spirit of Abortion

Prayer Campaign for Psychics’ Salvation

How many of you have read my New Age Deceptions blogs or know what the Bible says concerning the practices of the Occult. If you haven’t already done your resnch, please click on this link and read my previous blogs. This way, you will understand from the Lord’s perspective why I am writing this blog… Continue reading Prayer Campaign for Psychics’ Salvation

Voting For Joe Biden

Welcome to this blog. I am about to share with you a blog from Mario Murillo Ministries. What he says essentially is this: If you voted for Biden, knowing the facts of the corruption he was a part of that’s coming out, and knowing that he is pro-abortion, essentially, you are doomed. However, if you… Continue reading Voting For Joe Biden

Some Fun Insights With Numbers (Plus 40th Post!) – The Mystical Apologetic

Image from Canva. As I was watching some videos on Rosh Hashanah messages, mentioned in my last post, the one with Sid Roth & Troy Brewer gave some really cool insights on the number 9. It’s interesting because in the Hebrew language, every letter has a number and a pictograph associated with it. But there…… Continue reading Some Fun Insights With Numbers (Plus 40th Post!) – The Mystical Apologetic

Social Media Giants ‘Politicize’ Medical News, Block Posts About Effective Treatment for COVID-19 — Charisma News

A Houston pediatrician and emergency room physician says 30 days of hydroxychloroquine treatment will “stop COVID in its tracks.” — Read on

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