A Commentary On Current Events

I want to start letting you in on some articles that I read as I delete my emails as I’ve done in the past, but in a different way than that which I’ve done in the past. Due to what we’re seeing play out post-election, I want to begin with a plea. This is a… Continue reading A Commentary On Current Events

Another Update

Hello and welcome to this blog! My porposes for writing these updates on my health and doctor’s visits etc. is not for sympathy and to ask for prayers, but because it is easier for me to inform you of the tests and proceedures that I will be doing and what to expect. Today at 1:00… Continue reading Another Update

The Move Of The Spirit

I want to talk today to you about an admonition from the Lord concerning this year. It talks about having boldness, not wavering and being by the leading of the Spirit of God within you. Let’s turn now to Romans 8:14, TPT which says, “The mature children of God are those who are moved by… Continue reading The Move Of The Spirit

Are You Afraid Of The Holy Spirit?

Pastor Shane Idleman’s email list presented to me an article and must-watch clip concerning the Holy Spirit. If you are afraid of His power, watch this salvation testimony from Westside Christian Fellowship, and then please watch this video about the Bethel controversy, Bill Johnson, John McArthur, Todd Friel and more, which Shane recommends we watch… Continue reading Are You Afraid Of The Holy Spirit?

Trusting In The Lord

The following blog is going to outline the Scriptural basis we’ve heard so many times concerning trusting God, my experience, and some science to look at. There may be more that I’ve missed in this introduction, so please keep reading. First, let’s look at the Scriptural point of view. Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church… Continue reading Trusting In The Lord

Testimony Tuesday: Health Journey Update

A while back, I wrote a blog on Testimony Tuesday called Testimony Tuesday: My Health Journey, and today, I will be adding to that. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Going To The Doctor: December 21st At 1:30 P.M. on December 21, 2020, I went to another GI specialist, the first… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday: Health Journey Update

Trusting In The Lord

The above image is a recent Sprinkles of Hope PDF file which I converted to an image for those that read my blogs (sorry for those that can’t read them via voice-over. This is the only way I’ve found that this works on my blog. Have someone read this to you so that you will… Continue reading Trusting In The Lord

The Prophetic Parallel In The Elections

Welcome to today’s blog. This is a prophetic blog that I want you to pay very close attention to rather you be a supporter of President Trump or a never-Trumper. The purpose of this blog is to unite the word of the Lord from two different prophetic voices which compare Trump in some ways to… Continue reading The Prophetic Parallel In The Elections


On election day morning, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Something you are not expecting is going to happen tonight. But do not fear, because God has a surprise for all of you.” Then I watched as Fox News prematurely announced that Biden had won Arizona. It felt like sabotage.  Then Georgia, and…… Continue reading DO NOT FEAR. HOLD ON. GOD IS HAS A SURPRISE FOR ALL OF US. | Mario Murillo Ministries

Growing Up In Christ

The following 58 minute sermon discusses Matthew 6:33 and its meaning. There are 3 words that the Lord gave Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj for this message which you will hear during the durration of this video. At the end, he discusses tests of faith such as Martyrdom and the Mark of the Beast that one must… Continue reading Growing Up In Christ