The Salvation Story

They who hear my story are never the same. It’s the truth about a Savior. Jesus is His name. He walked the earth As a Man for 33 years And His reward was to die For us And our sins. We know and believe now He was much more than a Man. He was the… Continue reading The Salvation Story

A Real Haunted House Cleansing

Are you fascinated with the Hollywood Haunted House shows or movies? I am here to tell you that the way exorcism is shown in these shows or movies is not the real deal. I thought I’d take the time today to show you another one of Bob Larson’s videos, but this time, it is an… Continue reading A Real Haunted House Cleansing

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

I want to talk today about a very controversial topic that has been debated for centuries, or so I think: Should we as Christians celebrate Halloween or not? The above video is my thoughts in summary concerning the subject: I do believe that we can go to Horror night events and preach the gospel and… Continue reading Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

A Dance To Learn

Welcome to today’s blog. I have some exciting news. Yesterday after praying for Abby Johnson and some things that I felt the Lord showing me, I was so ecstatic and in a time of dancing before the Lord. After I danced to some other songs, I was just going to dance like normal to the… Continue reading A Dance To Learn

Christmas With The Chosen

I want to invite you to join me in watching a Christmas special put on by The Chosen. The title of the Special is the title of this blog. As I had shown previously, The Chosen can be watched by all who call upon and believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior (and… Continue reading Christmas With The Chosen

The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 18 and Fun Friday: Unplanned Movie

This Fun Friday may not be so fun. However, the reason I call these series’ “Fun Friday,” is because watching Movies, no matter how graphic, are always under the “Entertainment,” category. Today, I am going to show you the movie Unplanned. I am unsure about the Android device, but on Apple, you can rent this… Continue reading The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 18 and Fun Friday: Unplanned Movie

The Voice Season 21

Can you believe it? The Voice is already looking for people to audition for season 21 and we aren’t even through with season 20. So, without further adue, if you feel the Spirit tugging on you to sing on the Voice, click here! God bless!

The Chosen

The following blog consists of resources you can look at concerning how reliable The Chosen is for us to watch. I know that it is too little too late because I’ve already got some if not all of you hooked on this show. Sorry! But today, I want to help all of us understand just… Continue reading The Chosen

Testimony Tuesday: Faith And Baseball

Welcome everyone again to Testimony Tuesday. Today, we will be learning of a baseball player who believes in Jesus. We will learn of what he’s learned pertaining to his athletic sport he’s choosing and how to incorporate it into his walk with Christ. If you have been guilty of pride, as I’m sure we all… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday: Faith And Baseball

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