A Call to Conservatives

The following blog is a call to action. The Democratic Party is pretty vocal about their beliefs and convictions through the means of the entertainment Industry. They make shows like Modern Family (supporting Gay marriage), Law and Order and Law And Order SVU (which support Abortion), Chicago Med, Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, and more. I’llContinue reading “A Call to Conservatives”

The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 4: What Does An Abortion Look Like?

The following videos are from a YouTube Channel called Live Action. Of course, it is from the Pro-life movement, but this person is no longer an Abortionist and has flipped sides to tell the world the horrors of Abortion. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimester Ahortions Summarized In O Video The following video is aContinue reading “The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 4: What Does An Abortion Look Like?”

Fun Friday: The Chosen S1E8

Hello everyone! This may not be our last Fun Friday as of now (we’ll see), but this is our last episode for now. This is Episode 8 of Season 1 of The Chosen. If you’ve enjoyed these blogs and the show, fill free to comment below. If you don’t like me asking questions for researchContinue reading “Fun Friday: The Chosen S1E8”

Fun Friday: The Chosen S1E7

Hello and welcome to another installment of Fun Friday. I hope you all enjoy and remember this: If you want to watch the last episode without waiting, you can go to http://www.thechosen.tv to watch it on your computer or other devices, or to get the app, http://www.thechosen.tv/app. God bless! 1. The Biblical Roundtable: Again, IContinue reading “Fun Friday: The Chosen S1E7”

Fun Friday: S1E6

Hello everybody! I’d like to post today on Fun Friday The Chosen, Episode 6 as you see in the title. Again, if you want the app, the website is http://www.thechosen.tv/app, and if just for more information or to watch ox the computer (the app is preferable for better quality according to Dallas Jenkins the directorContinue reading “Fun Friday: S1E6”

Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E5

Welcome everyone to another installment of Fun Friday. From the start, I’d like to mention that if any of you like this episode and want to keep going, you can go to http://www.thechosen.tv/app and get the app, or http://www.thechosen.tv just to watch it on whatever technology you use. God bless! Now, let’s begin. 1. BiblicalContinue reading “Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E5”

Fun Friday: The Chosen S1E4

Hello everyone! Welcome to Fun Friday! I hope you enjoyed my favorite episode last week. I forgot to mention the blog where I give you the details as to how the Chosen can be found, so, for more information, go to http://www.thechosen.tv or for the app, http://www.thechosen.tv/app. God bless! 1. The Roundtable discussion: In orderContinue reading “Fun Friday: The Chosen S1E4”

Friday’s ‘Unite to Fight Poverty’ COVID-19 Concert Features Epic Lineup of Christian Artists | CBN News

Compassion International, Food for the Hungry, and World Vision are uniting the Christian community through a two-hour virtual concert event to benefit people most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and other natural disasters.  — Read on www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/2020/august/fridays-unite-to-fight-poverty-covid-19-concert-features-epic-lineup-of-christian-artists

Drive-In Theater Tour Features Michael W. Smith, TobyMac, Zach Williams, and More! | CBN.com

Coming soon to a drive-in venue near (or kind of near) you! Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Zach Williams and more are hitting the road with a social distancing acceptable concert. — Read on www1.cbn.com/hollywoodinsight/drive-in-theater-tour

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