Following The Lord

I want to discuss with you about a message which the Lord has put in my heart. On Wednesday, I saw a video from Inside Edition called Cop Flips Pregnant Mom’s Car For Not Pulling Over Fast Enough, which details that she had her flashers on when she saw the trooper pulling her over. According… Continue reading Following The Lord

Lying Spirits The sermon above is Pastor Mickey Banks of Preach Unto Them Jesus preaching about lying spirits and how the more we rebel against the Lord, we subject ourselves to lying spirits. I forgot to mention some things in the description of this video and also I will be coming out with a podcast version… Continue reading Lying Spirits

Are You Dressed For The Wedding

Here is my friend Michael’s YouTube video where Pastor Mickey Banks preaches a sermon by the name of this title, which can be found here. Actually, I realize now that I didn’t get this sermon recorded. However, I did post a two-part sermon series which is my reflection on this sermon. The sermon series is… Continue reading Are You Dressed For The Wedding

Not Ashamed

I want today to take the time to show you some sermons from Pastor Mickey Banks. This blog is about the sermon called Not Ashamed. The sermot that I linked to was from my channel, but here is the same sermon from my friend Michael’s end which can be found here. God bless! If you… Continue reading Not Ashamed

Explaining The Grace of God

I recorded the message again today from last night that we heard at Church, but my iClwhd storage was full and was unable to record the full video. My friend who to protect his identity online goes by the name Michael has also recorded the sermon. I wanted to come on here and give you… Continue reading Explaining The Grace of God

The Spirit of Gossip

I want to discuss today the subject of Gossip. Gossip, slander, and meddling go hand-in-hand. There is a spirit behind this act but also people can be in the flesh. Either way, the enemy is behind it. I want to give you some thoughts about this topic, because this has also been on my heart:… Continue reading The Spirit of Gossip

Follow The Wind Beneath Your Wings

All of us have some leader that we look up to that closely resembles Christ. Or perhaps, it is many. But, who is the “wind beneath our wings?” Or at least, “Who should be our wind beneath our wings?” So often, we let people’s sayings inspire us !live better–or maybe for you it is a… Continue reading Follow The Wind Beneath Your Wings

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