The Word says that we ought not be afraid because God goes before us to ensure a full victory (Deuteronomy 31:8). The Word also talks about King Joash of Israel being instructed in Elisha’s final days to strike the ground with the arrows after opening a window. The king only struck the ground with theContinue reading “Victory”

God’s Warning

The following is a commentary on an article written back in 1957 for BGEA’S Decision Magazine. This article is a warning from God through Billy Grahm about the coming judgment over America, which can be found here. The first thing I want to discuss is the idolatry which Billy points out when discussing Jeremiah’s warningContinue reading “God’s Warning”

Policing and the Bible

The following blog stems from another article from Decision Magazine which can be found here. As you can see when reading the article, this is a question and answer article. I want to begin by reminding you of The Purge Series of movies which you may or may not have watched. As you know, thisContinue reading “Policing and the Bible”

A Sober Warning

The following blog, like that of Saturday, is a response/commentary on another article from Decision Magazine. This time, it is by Tony Perkins, who as you see in the link above, is currently the president of Family Research Council (FRC), is a minister, was a Representative in Louisiana’s Legislature, and a myriad of other things.Continue reading “A Sober Warning”

Chaotic America And Where She Is At

Hello everyone! I will be commenting on an article put out by Franklin Grahm called, America In Chaos: How Did We Get Here. I want us to consider this in depth and also consider the prophetic utterances which God spoke forth through His prophets. He begins by informing us of the looting and protests thatContinue reading “Chaotic America And Where She Is At”

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