Being Transformed Into Sons Of God

Today, we will continue our series on We Are In Revival. Again, Pastor Judy preaches on the Kingdom life. She reads one of our members’ Facebook posts from the 21st to the 25th of this month (you’ll see why when you listen in). The topic is is receiving in your heart that Jesus paid it… Continue reading Being Transformed Into Sons Of God

Follow The Wind Beneath Your Wings

All of us have some leader that we look up to that closely resembles Christ. Or perhaps, it is many. But, who is the “wind beneath our wings?” Or at least, “Who should be our wind beneath our wings?” So often, we let people’s sayings inspire us !live better–or maybe for you it is a… Continue reading Follow The Wind Beneath Your Wings

Sermon Sunday: The Seven Abominations, Part 2

I didn’t want to make the sermon too long and in writing, this felt like it was already very very long. Therefore, I decided to continue writing this and schedule it for today. I would now like to do some praise and worship with you to begin. We will begin by singing Draw Me Close… Continue reading Sermon Sunday: The Seven Abominations, Part 2

Growing Up In Christ

The following 58 minute sermon discusses Matthew 6:33 and its meaning. There are 3 words that the Lord gave Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj for this message which you will hear during the durration of this video. At the end, he discusses tests of faith such as Martyrdom and the Mark of the Beast that one must… Continue reading Growing Up In Christ

Part 2: Does God Want Pastors to Stay Silent About Politics? — Charisma News

This election is about more than the next four years. — Read on

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