Merry Christmas

I want to write this blog today in wishing you a very merry Christmas. I hope you’ve enjoyed this day so far. I now want to do two things: I want to give you a Christmas present of sorts by showing you Christmas with The Chosen: The Messengers from TBN. There is one particular story… Continue reading Merry Christmas

The Truth About Abortion and Human Life, Part 51: The Spirit of Abortion

The Bible says, “You shall not kill.” (Exodus 20:13). I have heard before from Jennifer LeClaire about the spirit of abortion through her self-deliverance prayers videos. I never understood the idea until now. It is the spirit of murder. A lady was at one of Bob Larson’s seminars and received an exorcism, and I want… Continue reading The Truth About Abortion and Human Life, Part 51: The Spirit of Abortion

A Book Review: Jewish Insights Into Scripture

A Bar Mitzvah boy reads from the Torah at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem Israel

I want to discuss some parts of this ducument that I’m about to share with you, which will greatly help you. 1. Divorce And Remarriage Catholic Author, Leila Miller has written some books which should help you with this subject and to prepare your children for the issues of today’s culture. This, I believe, will… Continue reading A Book Review: Jewish Insights Into Scripture

Being Still Before God

The series of blogs I just got through doing on The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, as you saw, were about the book by Abby Johnson called Unplanned, the expanded edition. There were some times in this book that she discusses some nuggets from her mentors or some things she’d learned in life concerning… Continue reading Being Still Before God

Joyce Meyer Bible Studies

Today, I am catching up on my emails and at the time of my writing this blog, I am catching up on Joyce Meyer Bible Study emails I’ve received. So, I want to share the articles with you that are of most interest to me and that I highly recommend. This blog will be more… Continue reading Joyce Meyer Bible Studies

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