This Blog

Yesterday I joined Tumblr and after only about 5 hours (if not more), I decided to export my blog files but am having second thoughts about exporting them and changing hosting sites, but just in case something happens that we can no longer see this site after 7 days, please create an account on Tumblr… Continue reading This Blog

Another Update

Hello and welcome to this blog! My porposes for writing these updates on my health and doctor’s visits etc. is not for sympathy and to ask for prayers, but because it is easier for me to inform you of the tests and proceedures that I will be doing and what to expect. Today at 1:00… Continue reading Another Update

Our Network

Hi! I’d like to announce a new addition. Do you remember when I wrote a blog concerning a new Facebook group that I started? Well, I have officially started a Network which was created for the sole purpose of continually improving on our lives as a corporate Body and as individuals. It is based on… Continue reading Our Network

A New Group

This is sorta like what you’d call an “ad,” but no worries. It is totally free. I have created two groups–one on Facebook and one on MeWe where we who join will make it our mission to pray for Abby Johnson and her ministry. If you would like to join, here are the links: MeWe:… Continue reading A New Group


I want to share with you another survey I’ve created. I ask that as many as possible answer the questions on the survey which can be found here. My mission is to not just tell you that what I’m doing is for you, but you know how the old saying goes: Actions speak louder than… Continue reading Feedback

Social Media Announcement

Hello everyone! I would like to tell you of the old and new Social Media Networks I have joined. As you may know, I am a part of Facebook, which you can join by app here for Apple, or here for Android. I’m on Twitter, which you can join by app here for Apple, or… Continue reading Social Media Announcement

Changes To Blog

Hello everyone! Today, I am going to make an anouncement about some new changes to this blog. This has to do with the formating of some posts. As you have seen with Yesterday’s blog, I have started to write actually on the WordPress app. The way I do this is that due to my… Continue reading Changes To Blog

Sermon Sunday Announcement

Hello everyone! Today, I am going to be making an announcement about a certain future Sermon Sunday. I will be posting on here on September 6th a sermon by Joseph Prince when he preached at Lakewood. This will be called Mercy. The reason why I’m telling you now is because in his teaching, there will… Continue reading Sermon Sunday Announcement