The Do No Harm Act

As you can see, the Do No Harm Act is very harmful to a person of faeath. The above video will, in and of itself, help you understand how to pray concerning this law. I want you to also consider contacting your representatives, and letting them know that you are a person of faith who… Continue reading The Do No Harm Act

Prayerful Thursday: Sam Bethea

Welcome to Prayerful Thursday. Thank you again for taking the time to read these blogs. This article which you are about to read contains a story of a man who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. It tells of a time also when he was attacked by protesters. Despite any opposition he faces, he continues to… Continue reading Prayerful Thursday: Sam Bethea

Prayerful Thursday: Revival In Utah

The following article will have our prayer points for this week. I encourage you to read this through and prayerfully consider this blog. It may be true that there are Mormons that truly seek God. That is beside the fact that there is a spirit behind this supposed sect of Christianity which is really a… Continue reading Prayerful Thursday: Revival In Utah

DOJ Rebukes San Francisco Mayor for Treating Worship Like ‘Solitary Confinement’ — Charisma News

Mayor London Breed received a stern reminder about First Amendment rights. — Read on

Jonathan Cahn Gives Powerful Prophetic Message to Trumpet ‘The Return’ — Charisma News

 “What lies ahead? Judgment and calamity or return and revival? It can be both.” — Read on

Humble Repentance, Passionate Intercession Mark ‘The Return: Sacred Assembly’ — Charisma News

The event served as a testament to the revival stirring within hearts across the nation and around the world. — Read on

Bible Translator Provides Church Technology to Combat COVID Travel Restrictions — Charisma Leader

Wycliffe has distributed more than 6,000 tablets for mother-tongue translators in 67 countries. — Read on

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