Do. Not. Faint. | Elisha Vision – Commentary

My last post was Do. Not. Fear. Today let’s take it up a level. Do. Not. Faint. You have overcome fear by your faith that God’s got this. Now is the time to buckle up and push forward. I know it’s been a long year getting to the most important election of our lives. Louisiana…… Continue reading Do. Not. Faint. | Elisha Vision – Commentary

Solemn Assemblies

Welcome to this blog. Today, I want to gather the many different solemn assemblies which I have watched. Please participate with us in these assemblies. God bless! The Leading Of The Holy Spirit Be by the leading of the Holy Spirit. At first, I watched The Return and was writing the things we were repenting… Continue reading Solemn Assemblies

Opening of the Golden Vault ~ by Yvonne Coombs

A call to the righteous to steward all that belongs to God, taking new ground and stepping into the fullness of power destined for The Bride. — Read on

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