The Chosen

The following blog consists of resources you can look at concerning how reliable The Chosen is for us to watch. I know that it is too little too late because I’ve already got some if not all of you hooked on this show. Sorry! But today, I want to help all of us understand justContinue reading “The Chosen”


She began by saying, “My eight-year-old is transgender.” Hearing any parent say that should be enough to turn our stomachs. Pandering to any eight-year-old’s suggestion of changing genders is the worst child abuse I can imagine. But it got much, much worse. You see, that was the opening part of a question a woman directed…Continue reading “IF YOU STILL CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHO TO VOTE FOR THEN YOU AIN’T CHRISTIAN. | Mario Murillo Ministries”

Fun Friday: The Chosen S1E8

Hello everyone! This may not be our last Fun Friday as of now (we’ll see), but this is our last episode for now. This is Episode 8 of Season 1 of The Chosen. If you’ve enjoyed these blogs and the show, fill free to comment below. If you don’t like me asking questions for researchContinue reading “Fun Friday: The Chosen S1E8”

Fun Friday: The Chosen S1E7

Hello and welcome to another installment of Fun Friday. I hope you all enjoy and remember this: If you want to watch the last episode without waiting, you can go to to watch it on your computer or other devices, or to get the app, God bless! 1. The Biblical Roundtable: Again, IContinue reading “Fun Friday: The Chosen S1E7”

Fun Friday: S1E6

Hello everybody! I’d like to post today on Fun Friday The Chosen, Episode 6 as you see in the title. Again, if you want the app, the website is, and if just for more information or to watch ox the computer (the app is preferable for better quality according to Dallas Jenkins the directorContinue reading “Fun Friday: S1E6”

Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E5

Welcome everyone to another installment of Fun Friday. From the start, I’d like to mention that if any of you like this episode and want to keep going, you can go to and get the app, or just to watch it on whatever technology you use. God bless! Now, let’s begin. 1. BiblicalContinue reading “Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E5”

Wondering Wednesday: Atheism and Evolution

Welcome to Wondering Wednesday. Before I posted last week’s article, I forgot to post what is going to be this week’s, about how bad design does not by any means indicate that there was no design. If you are someone who believes in Evolution, please hear us out. I say us because this is fromContinue reading “Wondering Wednesday: Atheism and Evolution”

Fun Friday: The Chosen S1E4

Hello everyone! Welcome to Fun Friday! I hope you enjoyed my favorite episode last week. I forgot to mention the blog where I give you the details as to how the Chosen can be found, so, for more information, go to or for the app, God bless! 1. The Roundtable discussion: In orderContinue reading “Fun Friday: The Chosen S1E4”

Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E2

Welcome again to Fun Friday. I’d like to now bring to you Episode 2 of The Chosen. 1. The Biblical Roundtable Today, I was unable to find the Roundtable, but if you have the App, you will be able to watch it there. 2. The Episode Here is today’s episode. Get your popcorn or dinner,Continue reading “Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E2”

Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E1

Welcome to Fun Friday. I’d like to share with you The Chosen, Season 1, Episode 1 and its roundtable. You will definitely learn a lot of things when listening to this roundtable, so set back, get your popcorn, ask the Lord to help you grow spiritually as you watch this and enjoy! 1. Roundtable IContinue reading “Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E1”

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