Following The Lord

I want to discuss with you about a message which the Lord has put in my heart. On Wednesday, I saw a video from Inside Edition called Cop Flips Pregnant Mom’s Car For Not Pulling Over Fast Enough, which details that she had her flashers on when she saw the trooper pulling her over. According… Continue reading Following The Lord

A Warning Concerning The Supernatural

Today I made a video about this topic and want to give you an extended version. The video can be found here. I first want to begin by giving you a challenge: For thirty days, listen to people like: Bob Larson… The Real Exorcist! IsaiahSaldivar Nay… By His Grace. Vlad Savchuk Armen Ministries Jennifer LeClaire… Continue reading A Warning Concerning The Supernatural

Testimony Tuesday: Surrender And Contraception

Just like Abby Johnson’s ministry helps to put abortion workers’ fears to rest concerning leaving the abortion industry and her book Unplanned helps us understand them better, I want to tell my testimony to all people reading this blog, especially if you are a woman who has started contraception (and for you if you need… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday: Surrender And Contraception

A New Podcast: Conversations With Elizabeth Johnston

I want to share with you a new podcast from The Activist Mommy who can be found at where you can also subscribe to her newsletter. The first episode of this podcast discusses her thoughts on the election chaos, where she tells us to tell the nation to repent, fear not, and make sure… Continue reading A New Podcast: Conversations With Elizabeth Johnston

A Commentary On Current Events

I want to start letting you in on some articles that I read as I delete my emails as I’ve done in the past, but in a different way than that which I’ve done in the past. Due to what we’re seeing play out post-election, I want to begin with a plea. This is a… Continue reading A Commentary On Current Events

Six Reasons To Trust God

I want to talk today about what we heard in Church so that you won’t miss out if you couldn’t go to Church. First, we sang Bless The Lord Oh My Soul, and Holy holy holy Lord God Almighty … (Anus Dei). Now to the lesson at hand. Here are six reasons why we should… Continue reading Six Reasons To Trust God



Everything is in His Hands ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

“I AM the Sovereign, and circumstances all come under My ultimate authority and will surrender to ME, with no delay or contest,” says the LORD. — Read on

Worship – Jeff On A Mission

I was standing in church this week, yes, actually IN church, with like, other people! I was standing in church singing and worshiping with my church family and it’s one of my favorite parts of the service for two main reasons- 1. because I feel like it aligns my heart with God’s will, and 2.,…… Continue reading Worship – Jeff On A Mission

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