Holiness by J. C. Ryle Commentary

Today, I would like to begin a journey with you: Let’s read Holiness by J. C. Ryle together. I will show you where I agree and where I disagree with this book, and in this process we will grow together in the Lord. Please pick up a copy of this book and read along. Introduction… Continue reading Holiness by J. C. Ryle Commentary

Replies To Pro-Choice Arguments e-course

The following link is a sign-up sheet for a course that I would like to invite you to take with me. They will be helping us to know how to respond to pro-choice arguments like, “Well, we don’t know when life begins,” or “It’s a woman’s right to choose,” or, “Well, abortion is necessary for… Continue reading Replies To Pro-Choice Arguments e-course

The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 8: An Open Letter To The Pro-Life Movement

Dear Pro-lifers, I myself am a pro-lifer, but I want to address something; for I don’t know how often someone does this. I want to address the meaning of being pro-life. I know that there are a few bad apples in every bunch. I myself would not support the killing of an abortionist just because… Continue reading The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 8: An Open Letter To The Pro-Life Movement

An Open Letter To Pro-choice Pastors

Dear pro-choice Pastor, I am writing to you, especially if you have a megachurch or just film your sermons on YouTube. As you may have seen in my previous blogs where I am teaching on the topic of abortion, I like to try and present both sides. However, if one wants to present both sides… Continue reading An Open Letter To Pro-choice Pastors

False Prophets/Preachers Exposed?

I have written here in the past about how to expose false prophets/teachers. I want to show you a video where this YouTube channel called The Truth Shall Make You Free claims to expose a prophet of the Lord, namely, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj. As you shall see, the person behind the video condemns him to… Continue reading False Prophets/Preachers Exposed?

How ‘The Tide’ Ministry Is Reaching Seekers During COVID-19 — Charisma News

The long-term relationships God has allowed them to build have been key to the gospel outreach through radio and video programming. — Read on http://www.charismanews.com/world/82791-how-the-tide-ministry-is-reaching-seekers-during-covid-19

Pastor, Here’s Why Your Church Needs You to Take a Vacation — Charisma Leader

God created fun. Neglecting fun is neglecting a part of God. — Read on ministrytodaymag.com/leadership/a-pastor-s-heart/26974-pastor-here-s-why-your-church-needs-you-to-take-a-vacation

Bible Translator Provides Church Technology to Combat COVID Travel Restrictions — Charisma Leader

Wycliffe has distributed more than 6,000 tablets for mother-tongue translators in 67 countries. — Read on ministrytodaymag.com/outreach/communication/26975-bible-translator-provides-church-technology-to-combat-covid-travel-restrictions

Preparing Your Heart to Live the Abundant Life Jesus Promised — Charisma Leader

When you do, you’ll wonder, “What happened to me?” — Read on ministrytodaymag.com/leadership/a-pastor-s-heart/26977-preparing-your-heart-to-live-the-abundant-life-jesus-promised

The Secret of How God Meets Your Ministry Needs — Charisma Leader

When you understand this concept, you’ll understand how He does it. — Read on ministrytodaymag.com/life/prayer/26973-the-secret-of-how-god-meets-your-ministry-needs

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