God’s Warning

The following is a commentary on an article written back in 1957 for BGEA’S Decision Magazine. This article is a warning from God through Billy Grahm about the coming judgment over America, which can be found here. The first thing I want to discuss is the idolatry which Billy points out when discussing Jeremiah’s warningContinue reading “God’s Warning”

The Prophetic Parallel In The Elections

Welcome to today’s blog. This is a prophetic blog that I want you to pay very close attention to rather you be a supporter of President Trump or a never-Trumper. The purpose of this blog is to unite the word of the Lord from two different prophetic voices which compare Trump in some ways toContinue reading “The Prophetic Parallel In The Elections”

Prayerful Thursday: Revival In Utah

The following article will have our prayer points for this week. I encourage you to read this through and prayerfully consider this blog. It may be true that there are Mormons that truly seek God. That is beside the fact that there is a spirit behind this supposed sect of Christianity which is really aContinue reading “Prayerful Thursday: Revival In Utah”

Your Access: 3-Day Prophetic Activation Challenge

Your Access: 3-Day Prophetic Activation Challenge — Read on mailchi.mp/e7af999ebf0f/your-access-3-day-prophetic-activation-challenge

What Bishop Bill Hamon Says About Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft | 365 Prophetic

What Bishop Bill Hamon Says About Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft | 365 Prophetic — Read on 365prophetic.com/2020/09/02/what-bishop-bill-hamon-says-about-discerning-prophetic-witchcraft/

Discerning Rock Star Prophets Releasing Prophetic Witchcraft | 365 Prophetic

Discerning Rock Star Prophets Releasing Prophetic Witchcraft | 365 Prophetic — Read on 365prophetic.com/2020/09/04/discerning-rock-star-prophets-releasing-prophetic-witchcraft/

Is God Against the ‘Monthly Prophecy’ Trend? — Charisma News

This Scripture will open your eyes. — Read on http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/watchman-on-the-wall/82450-is-god-against-the-monthly-prophecy-trend

The Spirit’s Fight Against Prophetic Witchcraft

I was going to put this under our New Age Deception series I have been doing. However, I saw that this really didn’t fit there, although it discussed New Age practices to a certain extent. This is one that is more us Christians learning to discern what is true and what is false. Let’s begin.Continue reading “The Spirit’s Fight Against Prophetic Witchcraft”

Helpful Resources

Today, I’d like to make a recommendation. There are 2 books I’ll be recommending. The first was advertized on the article that I will be posting shortly. It is called The Next Great Move Of God by Jennifer LeClaire. This book has greatly helped me to see some of the pitfalls of Revival that IContinue reading “Helpful Resources”

A Time Resignations and Chaotic Transitions is Upon Us | 365 Prophetic

A Time Resignations and Chaotic Transitions is Upon Us | 365 Prophetic — Read on 365prophetic.com/2020/07/27/a-time-resignations-and-chaotic-transitions-is-upon-us/

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