Following The Lord

I want to discuss with you about a message which the Lord has put in my heart. On Wednesday, I saw a video from Inside Edition called Cop Flips Pregnant Mom’s Car For Not Pulling Over Fast Enough, which details that she had her flashers on when she saw the trooper pulling her over. According… Continue reading Following The Lord

Prayerful Thursday: Nease High School

Folks, today’s Prayerful Thursday has to do with a ruling that helps the transgender movement. I am not here to judge anyone that believes that you can change your sex. Rather, I humbly ask that you would pray and ask the Father His heart on the subject. For those of you that are of like… Continue reading Prayerful Thursday: Nease High School

Prayerful Thursday: Texas Lawsuit for False Election Results

The following topic is also a crucial one. Seeing that we are currently in the season of war against corruption concerning elections and voter fraud, we have yet another crucial topic to pray for this week. This will be our third Prayerful Thursday this week. If you missed our previous Prayerful Thursday about this topic,… Continue reading Prayerful Thursday: Texas Lawsuit for False Election Results

Amy Means Beloved | Elisha Vision – Commentary

Should we always demand justice? I have a few words today about justice in general and Amy Coney Barrett in particular. Yes, I know the President has the virus, but I trust the Lord to raise him up. The Supreme Court vote is even more critical now. Since we have a daughter named Amy, I…… Continue reading Amy Means Beloved | Elisha Vision – Commentary

Prayerful Thursday: Amy Coney Barret

The following resources will give us today’s and this weeks prayer points. We must work with the Holy Spirit irrespective of our opinions about the Trump administration and/or anything that this blog discusses. Prophecies Prophetic Insight: Supreme Court Shifts, Prayer Movement Tips Headlines Final Thoughts Thank you so much for reading this… Continue reading Prayerful Thursday: Amy Coney Barret

Amy Coney Barrett: The Senate’s Process to Confirm Her SCOTUS Nomination — Charisma News

As we know from the recent past, this has become incredibly contentious and divisive. — Read on

THE SUPREME URGENCY | Mario Murillo Ministries

Filling the vacant seat on the Supreme Court is urgent for both Trump and the Republican Senate. You will hear all kinds of lies and threats from the Democrats, the Fake News and leftists—and from all the usual RINOs. Even now, they have begun screaming that this is tyrannical, evil and wrong to place someone…… Continue reading THE SUPREME URGENCY | Mario Murillo Ministries

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