Testimony Tuesday: Surrender And Contraception

Just like Abby Johnson’s ministry helps to put abortion workers’ fears to rest concerning leaving the abortion industry and her book Unplanned helps us understand them better, I want to tell my testimony to all people reading this blog, especially if you are a woman who has started contraception (and for you if you need… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday: Surrender And Contraception

This Godly Attribute Can Sway Nations to Christ More Than Any Other — Charisma News

It has to be acquired, however. — Read on http://www.charismanews.com/opinion/renewing-america/82433-this-godly-attribute-can-sway-nations-to-christ-more-than-any-other

American Robin Teaches The Need For Wisdom | Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub Two American robins built a nest close to my house. The male robin was extremely territorial and defended a large area surrounding the nest. Robins have exceptional eyesight, better than human eyes. This male bird, however, had a problem. He thought his reflection was another bird threatening his territory and nesting mate.…… Continue reading American Robin Teaches The Need For Wisdom | Pure Glory

What are You Co-Creating

This blog is brought to you by a friend that I have on Facebook. It is a much needed word during this time: One of my favorite things about this quarantine are all the things I’m getting to build together with Jesus, and others 🌸 He told me if we, ( the body of Christ)… Continue reading What are You Co-Creating

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