New Age Deception, Part 16

Welcome to New Age Deception. Today, we will be discussing the calling of names in the four corners of a room. This again has to do with the topic at hand: White Magic. 1. Introduction: What is the purpose of calling names in the four corners of a room? The following video is the onlyContinue reading “New Age Deception, Part 16”

New Age Deception, Part 14

I will be posting at the end of our series the Occultism Checklist that I am using for researching purposes. We pretty much get the idea of all of the things pertaining to divination, right? God forbids such things. Now, we will be moving forward in this series, now talking about witchcraft. In a blogContinue reading “New Age Deception, Part 14”

New Age Deception, Part 9

Welcome again to New Age Deception. Today, we will be discussing blood and hair analyses using witchcraft methods. Perhaps, we have touched a little on this in the past, but I’d like to expound a little bit in my research that I present to you. 1. Introduction: A. What is Witchcraft? This is straightContinue reading “New Age Deception, Part 9”

Disney Channel Debuts First Bisexual Character in Animated Series About Witchcraft | CBN News

For the first time in Disney’s history, a LGBTQ character is playing a lead role in an animated series appearing on the Disney Channel.  — Read on

New Age Deception, Part 8

Question: Is it ok to do Amulets as a Christian? That is what we will be discussing today. Take a moment before you get started watching what I present to you and quiet yourself before the Lord. Ask the Lord to help you in this endeavor to be able to trust Him for your future.Continue reading “New Age Deception, Part 8”

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