Conspiracy Theory: Trup Is A Freemason

Correction: About two days ago after I had already published this blog, I found out that the Freemasons will put other masons first above even their own family and therefore, there are no public rolls of who is in or who is not. the man in the article below may be telling us the truth,… Continue reading Conspiracy Theory: Trup Is A Freemason

CPAC 2021

I will not spoil for you what the event is talking about, but I will simply post them below for your consumption. Please get pen and paper out and take notes (be sure to write the date of the event before the notes are taken so you will know which is which. The app and… Continue reading CPAC 2021

The Biden Administration In The First 100 Days

I want to share with you a podcast talking about the Biden Administration and what will happen during this time. Here is the podcast which features Allie Beth Stucky. Please prayerfully consider what I released yesterday and this podcast, especially if you voted for Biden (with all due respect). God bless!

The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 21: Abby Johnson’s RNC Speech

I want today to show you a podcast where Abby Johnson talks about how she got to speak at the Republican National Convention. She tells us her thoughts on the video that was played there and the differences between the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Conventions where in the past the DNC had… Continue reading The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 21: Abby Johnson’s RNC Speech

The Idolatry of the Right

I wrote a blog previously by the same name. However, today, I want to talk about something different. As you have seen previously, I have posted prophetic words, the majority of which say, “Keep the faith. Praise your way through this storm and God will fight for you,” of course talking about the elections. I… Continue reading The Idolatry of the Right

Defunding Planned Parenthood

There are a lot of petitions concerning defunding Planned Parenthood. There are people who have asked Abby Johnson why she supports Trump in spite of his lack of zeal to defund Planned Parenthood. This was done on Twitter and the response she could have given was too long to fit within one comment. NPR at… Continue reading Defunding Planned Parenthood

Prayerful Thursday: Joe Biden And Kamala Harris

A while back, I published a Prayerful Thursday for Joe Biden and Kamalah Harris which I had made some changes to when it was just a draft which I deleted. You will see why if you remember what I’m referring to in a little bit. To read their biographies, click here. Joe Biden Abby Johnson… Continue reading Prayerful Thursday: Joe Biden And Kamala Harris

Breaking News

The following blog contains some videos that I thought we should look at. Patrick Byrne, founder and CEO of Overstock, is interviewed mentioning the facilitation of a bribe on behalf of the FBI for 18 million dollars, this being the second one. This interview can be found here. In this next video, Scott McCay: Gives… Continue reading Breaking News

The Jericho March For Trump In D.C.

I previously wrote a blog showing a broadcast of the March For Trump Jericho March happening now which I deleted. The reason was because I realized that the quality of the broadcast was poorer than I thought. Therefore, here is the broadcast from Crossroads With Joshua Philips. God bless!

Prayerful Thursday: Expossure of Corruption In Election Process

Welcome to Prayerful Thursday. This will be an unusual way of doing this blog because I will not be doing it the way I used to. I only ask that you sit with the Spirit with the research that I provide for you this week and that you pray as the Spirit leads. I think… Continue reading Prayerful Thursday: Expossure of Corruption In Election Process

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