Holiness by J. C. Ryle Commentary

Today, I would like to begin a journey with you: Let’s read Holiness by J. C. Ryle together. I will show you where I agree and where I disagree with this book, and in this process we will grow together in the Lord. Please pick up a copy of this book and read along. Introduction… Continue reading Holiness by J. C. Ryle Commentary

Prayer Campaign for Psychics’ Salvation

How many of you have read my New Age Deceptions blogs or know what the Bible says concerning the practices of the Occult. If you haven’t already done your resnch, please click on this link and read my previous blogs. This way, you will understand from the Lord’s perspective why I am writing this blog… Continue reading Prayer Campaign for Psychics’ Salvation

The Greatest Fight by Charles Hadan Spurgeon Commentary, Part 2: Our Army

I want now to talk about the next section of this book. There are some things that are mentioned in this chapter which I feel are worth talking about. The first topic is the Church having fake Christians. He says that we ought to aim for perfectly accurate recordings of the numbers of people in… Continue reading The Greatest Fight by Charles Hadan Spurgeon Commentary, Part 2: Our Army

The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 37: Are You A Coward?

The following blog is a presentation of another episode of Politely Rude With Abby Johnson. The guest on this episode is Pastor Greg Locke who pastor’s Global Vision Bible Church. This podcast was actually the motivation for me to ask Grandma to start going back to Church with me. However, yesterday something happened at Church… Continue reading The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 37: Are You A Coward?

Does God Want Pastors to Stay Silent About Politics? — Charisma Leader

That might be the easy and safe path, but …   — Read on ministrytodaymag.com/leadership/preaching/27005-does-god-want-pastors-to-stay-silent-about-politics

Should Christians and Pastors Obey or Disobey Unfair Laws [Romans 13 and Shutting Down Churches]

Across America, pastors are disobeying the law and opening up their churches.And across America, Christians are disobeying laws to have home Bible studies to minister to the broken and hurting. And yes, to attend church. — Read on http://www.electionforum.org/church/should-christians-and-pastors-obey-or-disobey-unfair-laws-romans-13-and-shutting-down-churches/


70% of churches are now open. But the war on Christians is keeping 30% closed. The bureaucratic and political opposition to churches being truly open continues as politicians continue to restrict or outlaw church attendance… — Read on http://www.electionforum.org/faith/the-continuing-war-on-christianity-70-of-the-churches-are-now-open5-things-you-should-know/

Persecution At Home And Abroad

Hello! I’d like to have a word with you for a moment. It’s about our brothers and sisters in Christ. In Nigeria, there are a lot of Christians being killed. The article that I will post after my little exortation will explain more. However, let’s bring one reason home as to why we should begin… Continue reading Persecution At Home And Abroad

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