God’s Warning

The following is a commentary on an article written back in 1957 for BGEA’S Decision Magazine. This article is a warning from God through Billy Grahm about the coming judgment over America, which can be found here. The first thing I want to discuss is the idolatry which Billy points out when discussing Jeremiah’s warning… Continue reading God’s Warning

Solemn Assemblies

Welcome to this blog. Today, I want to gather the many different solemn assemblies which I have watched. Please participate with us in these assemblies. God bless! The Leading Of The Holy Spirit Be by the leading of the Holy Spirit. At first, I watched The Return and was writing the things we were repenting… Continue reading Solemn Assemblies

Jonathan Cahn Explains the Mystery of the Watchmen and the Trumpets — Charisma News

What can all this mean?  — Read on http://www.charismanews.com/culture/82758-jonathan-cahn-explains-the-mystery-of-the-watchmen-and-the-trumpets

Jonathan Cahn Gives Powerful Prophetic Message to Trumpet ‘The Return’ — Charisma News

 “What lies ahead? Judgment and calamity or return and revival? It can be both.” — Read on http://www.charismanews.com/world/82762-jonathan-cahn-gives-powerful-prophetic-message-to-trumpet-the-return

Humble Repentance, Passionate Intercession Mark ‘The Return: Sacred Assembly’ — Charisma News

The event served as a testament to the revival stirring within hearts across the nation and around the world. — Read on http://www.charismanews.com/us/82764-humble-repentance-passionate-intercession-mark-the-return-sacred-assembly

The Return

Folks, I want to talk with you about the times that we’re in. Jonathan Cahn just released a video which states that we must follow 2 Chronicles 7:14, and return now or as a nation, we may pass the point of no return. Here’s the video: https://www.facebook.com/1633106020328706/posts/2318785818427386/?vh=e For those that don’t have Facebook, here’s the… Continue reading The Return

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