Quiz Concerning God’s Will

I just got through watching a teaching clip from Jennifer LeClaire that I want us to look at. I have written down the questions which I will now disclose: Where does God’s will rank in your life? How important is God’s will in your life? (Please write these questions down either when watching the video… Continue reading Quiz Concerning God’s Will

Another Update

Hello and welcome to this blog! My porposes for writing these updates on my health and doctor’s visits etc. is not for sympathy and to ask for prayers, but because it is easier for me to inform you of the tests and proceedures that I will be doing and what to expect. Today at 1:00… Continue reading Another Update

Prayerful Thursday: Texas Lawsuit for False Election Results

The following topic is also a crucial one. Seeing that we are currently in the season of war against corruption concerning elections and voter fraud, we have yet another crucial topic to pray for this week. This will be our third Prayerful Thursday this week. If you missed our previous Prayerful Thursday about this topic,… Continue reading Prayerful Thursday: Texas Lawsuit for False Election Results

God’s Will Pertaining Sickness

Welcome to this blog. I want us to consider this very familiar verse. Beloved friend, I pray that you are prospering in every way and that you continually enjoy good health, just as your soul is prospering (3 John 2, TPT). God Wants You Well And Joyful I made the heading actually the title of… Continue reading God’s Will Pertaining Sickness

A Word From Prophet Tracy To You

May you be blessed as I was. Tuesday morning, I had been queazy and had already taken Pepto twice. Well, I had been crying not necessarily because of the queaziness, but because I knew the damage that I was doing to my body due to taking so much Pepto. When Grandma came to check on… Continue reading A Word From Prophet Tracy To You

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