Prayerful Thursday: Revival In Utah

The following article will have our prayer points for this week. I encourage you to read this through and prayerfully consider this blog. It may be true that there are Mormons that truly seek God. That is beside the fact that there is a spirit behind this supposed sect of Christianity which is really aContinue reading “Prayerful Thursday: Revival In Utah”

Prayerful Thursday: Influenza

Last week, we prayed pertaining to COVID-19. Now, let’s pray for its sister virus: Influenza. Remember the article and video that I posted last week about unbelief and faith. We have been silent for too long and it stops this year. We currently have a Vaccine for the Flu, but I believe that with theContinue reading “Prayerful Thursday: Influenza”

Do. Not. Fear. | Elisha Vision – Commentary

Why is such a simple idea so hard for some? We live in a day dominated by fear, not fear of a pandemic, but a pandemic of fear. DO. NOT. FEAR. Why is such a simple idea so hard for some? This basic Bible admonition is seemingly impossible for many. The answer is that we…Continue reading “Do. Not. Fear. | Elisha Vision – Commentary”

Prayerful Thursday: COVID-19

This week’s topic should really be for every week. I do recommend that when we do these, we schedule some time out in the day to keep praying for that subject even when we get other subjects. This week’s topic is COVID-19, so this blog will be very short. All I ask you to doContinue reading “Prayerful Thursday: COVID-19”

How President Trump’s critics have responded to his illness: Three sources of incivility and three invitations for Christians – Denison Forum

How President Trump’s critics have responded to his illness: Three sources of incivility and three invitations for Christians – Denison Forum — Read on

Amy Means Beloved | Elisha Vision – Commentary

Should we always demand justice? I have a few words today about justice in general and Amy Coney Barrett in particular. Yes, I know the President has the virus, but I trust the Lord to raise him up. The Supreme Court vote is even more critical now. Since we have a daughter named Amy, I…Continue reading “Amy Means Beloved | Elisha Vision – Commentary”

President Trump And First Lady Test Positive For COVID-19

Welcome! I felt that this couldn’t wait! Please join me, irrespective of your opinions, in praying for President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. President Trump, First Lady test positive for coronavirus: Three biblical words of hope Thank you for taking your time to read this blog and partner with the Holy Spirit inContinue reading “President Trump And First Lady Test Positive For COVID-19”

Prayerful Thursday: Amy Coney Barret

The following resources will give us today’s and this weeks prayer points. We must work with the Holy Spirit irrespective of our opinions about the Trump administration and/or anything that this blog discusses. Prophecies Prophetic Insight: Supreme Court Shifts, Prayer Movement Tips Headlines Final Thoughts Thank you so much for reading thisContinue reading “Prayerful Thursday: Amy Coney Barret”

Amy Coney Barrett: The Senate’s Process to Confirm Her SCOTUS Nomination — Charisma News

As we know from the recent past, this has become incredibly contentious and divisive. — Read on

Media Targets Amy Coney Barrett for Ties to Christian School That Holds to Biblical Definition of Marriage – Faithwire

Articles in Politico and The Washington Post are calling into question Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s past affiliations with Christian education. — Read on

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