Testimony Tuesday: Jesica Harris’s Porn Batle

Welcome to this edition of Testimony Tuesday. I want today to talk with you about Jesica Harris’s story. She’s a blogger and has a book out called The Beggar’s Daughter which can be found here (for Amazon), unfortunately it cannot be found on Bookshare for those that would rather not buy books on such things… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday: Jesica Harris’s Porn Batle

Testimony Tuesday: Pornography’s Temptations

Welcome again to Testimony Tuesday. Last week, we watched Mandy Crispin’s interview on Unhooked. This week, we will be watching YouTuber and influencer Chaz Smith’s interview about the same. He is known for his hilarious viral videos like, “Pronouncing Things Incorrectly,” however, as you shall see, he has on a more serious note opened up… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday: Pornography’s Temptations

Testimony Tuesday: Mandy Crispin

Welcome again to Testimony Tuesday. I’d like to quote again from another email I received from The UNHOOKED Team as you will see below: PORN AND SHAME Are you burdened with guilt from your porn addiction? Afraid to share it with others? Author of Naked and Bare: A Raw Look at Sexuality and Identify, Mandy… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday: Mandy Crispin

Sermon Sunday: your porn battle plan

For today’s sermon Sunday, I want to prayerfully visit something that we have touched on and will continue to in the past and future testimony Tuesday blogs. This is a blog presenting different perspectives on pornography and sexual immorality and how to get free. Prayerfully consider this blog and the resources presented here Joseph Prince:… Continue reading Sermon Sunday: your porn battle plan

Enough Is Enough Launches Petition Against Netflix Show ‘Cuties” — Charisma News

It is never OK to sexually exploit children in broadcast programming or on the internet—or anywhere else! — Read on http://www.charismanews.com/culture/82796-enough-is-enough-launches-petition-against-netflix-show-cuties

Testimony Tuesday: Richard De La Mora

PORN AND ITS EFFECTS Last time, you heard from Brittni De La Mora, a former adult-film star, and now it’s time to hear from her husband, Pastor and Dirrector of XXX Church, Richard De La Mora. Pastor Richard gets real in his interview and answers questions many of us wonder–Is it ok to to masturbate?… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday: Richard De La Mora

Testimony Tuesday: Living Pure In A Pornified World

Hello everyone! Today’s Testimony Tuesday is brought to you by the CBN Show Unhooked: Purity In A Pornified World. Are you struggling with Pornography? Be encouraged; for you too can be free. Listen to these panelists as they tell you how you too can be free. According to the website, there is a series, so… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday: Living Pure In A Pornified World

Faith Leaders Call for Pornography to be Classified as ‘Public Health Crisis’

Seventy-four evangelical leaders in Ohio presented a resolution to the state Board of Health calling for pornography to be deemed a public health crisis. — Read on decisionmagazine.com/faith-leaders-call-for-pornography-to-be-classified-as-public-health-crisis/