New Age Deception, Part 16

Welcome to New Age Deception. Today, we will be discussing the calling of names in the four corners of a room. This again has to do with the topic at hand: White Magic. 1. Introduction: What is the purpose of calling names in the four corners of a room? The following video is the onlyContinue reading “New Age Deception, Part 16”

False Prophets/Preachers Exposed?

I have written here in the past about how to expose false prophets/teachers. I want to show you a video where this YouTube channel called The Truth Shall Make You Free claims to expose a prophet of the Lord, namely, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj. As you shall see, the person behind the video condemns him toContinue reading “False Prophets/Preachers Exposed?”

New Age Deception, Part 15

Welcome again to New Age Deception. I’d like to discuss writing names on papper and burning it to ashes with you today. This is still in the area of White Magic. 1. Introduction: What is it and what is its purpose? You know these movies that show witches casting spells using Caldrons? That, my friend,Continue reading “New Age Deception, Part 15”

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