Prayer Campaign for Psychics’ Salvation

How many of you have read my New Age Deceptions blogs or know what the Bible says concerning the practices of the Occult. If you haven’t already done your resnch, please click on this link and read my previous blogs. This way, you will understand from the Lord’s perspective why I am writing this blog to you today. I just now got through watching a video from Bob larson… The Real Exorcist!’s YouTube channel where Silvia Brown in this video who died in November of 2013 at the age of 77 (sadly) talks at the second segment of this interview about her thoughts on the movie called The Sixth Sense. Her thoughts on the matter plus listening to The Cloud And The Fire Ministry video testimony (I can’t rmember who speaks in these videos) tells us that now she is able to prophesy the Word of the Lord with the help of the Holy Spirit and has access to as much power with the Lord as she did when she was in the New Age. I forgot to post one part of her testimony on my blog on Halloween, so I will do that here except I want us to re-evaluate all of the videos together. Here is Storytime: My Testimony to Jesus from Witchcraft, Divination, The Occult, & Spiritual Attacks. This is part 1 of her full testimony on this subject. Here also is MY TESTIMONY PART 2: Deliverance from Spiritual Warfare/Attacks from Occult Practices. You can also browse her YouTube channel for teaching and prophetic words directly from her ministry and see have owreal this power is she speaks of (for those in the New Age that may be skeptical that they can access this same power in the Kingdom of God. Remember: The devil counterfeits the kingdom of God and she will also show you how this is done in her testimonies and other teachings.

Back to the subject (although first, looking after the Psychics who may be reading this post, I want to insert in here a Famous YouTube Psychic who receives delivere through Alexander Pagani Ministries. I was going to post Mila’s full testimony on here from her channel, but I was not feeling comfortable because of the wording that she used within the video). I also want for all to see to show you a testament to our Lord’s power and how He partmers with His ambassadors (the Bible calls “vessels” because He does the work but we are the instrument He uses). Let’s examine some:

Here is The DEMON was So Scared It Asked Me Not To Cast It Out! My purpose in showing you this is not necessarily about the deliverance that takes place, but the relationship that Daniel Adams has with the Holy Spirit. There are prophetic voices (or so they are called but I will not question in this blog whether they are true or not) who believe they can post on their website a general prophecy that is almost like a horoscope. However, the Bible and all true prophets do not do such things. There are words of knowledge that will edify the person receiving them. Perhaps someone is sick and they need healing. The prophet or prophetess can speak from the microphone about that person’s condition, and talk concerning God’s heart from that person straight from the podium. This can also be done within a personal setting. You can receive dreams that are words of knowledge as well, although you need to weigh them and test the prophetic word you just received. You may really believe something is from God, but when you test it, you may find otherwise.

Back to the topic. My main reasoning behind this blog is to pray specifically for Psychics—that they come to know the truth of God’s Word concerning these things and the power of His Spirit. If you are a psychic reading this, I want you to please look at the resources provided to you here. Also, if you feel your need to be free, click on this link from Isaiah Saldivar or Contact the team of Daniel Adams. Also if you need an exorcism, Get help here.

God bless! This is a perfect time to be engaging in these prayers because we need to get as many souls into the kingdom as we can because our time is short. We like to say, “Their time is short,” but really, everyone’s time is short. I hope this blog has helped everyone in their walk toward truth and also to understand a target we need to hit. Also, the Church needs to stop being so seeker-sensitive and start to preach the supernatural side of the kingdom of Heaven. We cannot afford to water down the Gospel anymore. The question shouldn’t be, “What people are we offending?” but rather, “Are we offending God with how we preach this sermon?” Understood? I believe the New Age is so prevalent in our movies etc. today and that people are finding spirituality elsewhere because the Church isn’t doing her job. We are slacking and saying, “I don’t want to preach on deliverance because I’m afraid the people will not receive it.” Or, “I don’t want to talk to my friend about speaking in tongues because of his/her denomination and how they believe that the devil is the one that inspires those tongues.” I could go on and on. If my friend is open-minded, I’m more free to talk to them about a specific subject and minister to the person in the way that the Lord leads me. However, there will come a day when the Lord will have us talk with people that aren’t so open-minded about topics and should we then shy away from that topic because they don’t want to receive it? If the Lord calls you to minister to someone a specific topic and you slack in doing this, you will then be rebellious against the Lord’s Word. Your way will be perverse before God (Numbers 22:32; 1 Samuel 15:23). Start reading and listening to teachings concerning Spiritual Warfare and deliverance. Your people are ready for revival, deliverance, the unadulterated Word of God (not just the feel-good messages)—if you see it in the Book of Acts, they’re ready for it. And another thing: If (or when) revival comes to your Church, don’t have it just on Wednesday nights or some other time when those that aren’t ready for it can still be in your Church but not come to those services. That will thwart revival just as much as the religious spirit will (I encourage you to listen to Revival Lifestyle with ISAIAH Saldivar which you can find wherever you listen to podcasts or click here to browse his channel). Peace be to you all!

By Patelin Cogswell

My name is Patelin Cogswell. I was born on September 24, 1998. I was born in Oklahoma City. I went to Oklahoma School for the Blind and graduated in 2017. I am called as a Minister of the Gospel and an Intercessor. However, this is not about me. My life is dedicated to making Christ alone. This blog was called because I didn’t want my name on the blog like others do because I feel like it is not me living but Christ living through me.

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