New Age Deception, Part 19

For today’s New Age Deception blog, all I will do is post the Occult Checklist. Different people on the internet have different Checklists. So, I will leave you with this charge: Zk the Spirit what the truth is pertaining to this list. He will lead you in the right paths. There are still some things… Continue reading New Age Deception, Part 19

Testimony Tuesday: Pornography’s Temptations

Welcome again to Testimony Tuesday. Last week, we watched Mandy Crispin’s interview on Unhooked. This week, we will be watching YouTuber and influencer Chaz Smith’s interview about the same. He is known for his hilarious viral videos like, “Pronouncing Things Incorrectly,” however, as you shall see, he has on a more serious note opened up… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday: Pornography’s Temptations

New Age Deception, Part 17

Welcome again to New Age Deception. I’d like to discuss today looking in the mirror at midnight. 1. Introduction: What is the superstition of looking into a mirror at night all about? httpcc//’ I’m just going to assume that this superstition which this person talks about in the link above is what is being discussed… Continue reading New Age Deception, Part 17

New Age Deception, Part 16

Welcome to New Age Deception. Today, we will be discussing the calling of names in the four corners of a room. This again has to do with the topic at hand: White Magic. 1. Introduction: What is the purpose of calling names in the four corners of a room? The following video is the only… Continue reading New Age Deception, Part 16

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