Life Is Beautiful Event

Welcome to this blog. I want to share with you an event hosted by Jentezen Franklin called Life Is Beautiful. One of the speakers that will be on is Abby Johnson (but that isn’t the reason why I shared this with you). Sermons and books on the theological aspect of abortion and the sanctity of… Continue reading Life Is Beautiful Event

Speak Up For Life

I have been sent an email from IFA Action today concerning speaking for life, seeing the leaders in our nation won’t physically get to see us but that the March For Life will be a virtual event. I encourage you to do as I did and write your representatives and tell them that you stand… Continue reading Speak Up For Life

A Word From Prophet Tracy To You

May you be blessed as I was. Tuesday morning, I had been queazy and had already taken Pepto twice. Well, I had been crying not necessarily because of the queaziness, but because I knew the damage that I was doing to my body due to taking so much Pepto. When Grandma came to check on… Continue reading A Word From Prophet Tracy To You

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