A Word From Prophet Tracy To You

May you be blessed as I was. Tuesday morning, I had been queazy and had already taken Pepto twice. Well, I had been crying not necessarily because of the queaziness, but because I knew the damage that I was doing to my body due to taking so much Pepto. When Grandma came to check on me to see how I was doing, I explained the reason of my weeping. She simply said, “Just rest in Him!” I now believe that the Spirit of Prophecy was activated in her as she spoke these words. Pastor Craig from Life.Church spoke about encouragement, one of the verses stated being Psalms 42:5. Then, Grandma mentions the statement I mentioned. Then, day we got Steve Furtick and Pastor Joseph Prince speaking about the same subject. Then, Grandpa mentions Psalms 42:5. The phrase that got my attention was in the King James, “Hope thou in God.” Then, this true phrophet, Tracy Cooke mentions the SAME word! Coincidence? I think not!

A Word From Prophet Tracy To You
— Read on mailchi.mp/cookerevivals/a-word-from-prophet-tracy-to-you

By Patelin Cogswell

My name is Patelin Cogswell. I was born on September 24, 1998. I was born in Oklahoma City. I went to Oklahoma School for the Blind and graduated in 2017. I am called as a Minister of the Gospel and an Intercessor. However, this is not about me. My life is dedicated to making Christ alone. This blog was called kingdomadvance.family.blog because I didn’t want my name on the blog like others do because I feel like it is not me living but Christ living through me.

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