The Word says that we ought not be afraid because God goes before us to ensure a full victory (Deuteronomy 31:8). The Word also talks about King Joash of Israel being instructed in Elisha’s final days to strike the ground with the arrows after opening a window. The king only struck the ground with the… Continue reading Victory

Sermon Sunday: Spiritual Treason

Hello everyone! Today, I would like to discuss a spiritual crime and grave sin we are committing: Spiritual Treason. As you have seen, I discussed at length how we need to love our brothers and sisters in the Lord who believe differently. Today, I will be linking to some articles and a sermon that discusses… Continue reading Sermon Sunday: Spiritual Treason

The Elections

I am about to share a prophetic word by a man named Mark Taylor whose words I’ve shared on here before. He is a retired firefighter and started Special Operations Recovery Drag (SORD), which you can learn more about on his site Due to the recent elections, I’m going to step out in faith… Continue reading The Elections

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