Sermon Sunday: The Seven Abominations, Part 2

I didn’t want to make the sermon too long and in writing, this felt like it was already very very long. Therefore, I decided to continue writing this and schedule it for today. I would now like to do some praise and worship with you to begin. We will begin by singing Draw Me Close… Continue reading Sermon Sunday: The Seven Abominations, Part 2

False Prophets/Preachers Exposed?

I have written here in the past about how to expose false prophets/teachers. I want to show you a video where this YouTube channel called The Truth Shall Make You Free claims to expose a prophet of the Lord, namely, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj. As you shall see, the person behind the video condemns him to… Continue reading False Prophets/Preachers Exposed?

The Spirit’s Fight Against Prophetic Witchcraft

I was going to put this under our New Age Deception series I have been doing. However, I saw that this really didn’t fit there, although it discussed New Age practices to a certain extent. This is one that is more us Christians learning to discern what is true and what is false. Let’s begin.… Continue reading The Spirit’s Fight Against Prophetic Witchcraft

New Age Deceptions, Part 2

Our next topic is Divination. Here are some videos on the topic: Prayerfully consider these videos. God bless!

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