CPAC 2021

I will not spoil for you what the event is talking about, but I will simply post them below for your consumption. Please get pen and paper out and take notes (be sure to write the date of the event before the notes are taken so you will know which is which. The app and more about the event and the Union supporting it can be found at the CPAC official website, where you can also get the app and signup, sign up for updates through email, and they’ll also tell you the number to text and the message to send to the number if you want updates. Now, here are the sessions for each day:

Day 1: February 25, 2021

Day 2: February 27, 2021 – About the bill of rights and defending our rights

Unfortunately, for today’s event, I cannot find a good live coverage of the event. There is a full coverage, but the creators of the YouTube channel didn’t make sure their audio stayed on the whole time so we’ll have to pick up tomorrow. Tomorrow, Trump will be one of the speakers at CPAC and The Victory Channel will be covering his speech. I encourage you to tune in tomorrow and if you can find a good coverage of the event and/or have an account with Fox Nation, feel free to watch it on your own accord. Thanks!

By Patelin Cogswell

My name is Patelin Cogswell. I was born on September 24, 1998. I was born in Oklahoma City. I went to Oklahoma School for the Blind and graduated in 2017. I am called as a Minister of the Gospel and an Intercessor. However, this is not about me. My life is dedicated to making Christ alone. This blog was called because I didn’t want my name on the blog like others do because I feel like it is not me living but Christ living through me.

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