The Do No Harm Act

As you can see, the Do No Harm Act is very harmful to a person of faeath. The above video will, in and of itself, help you understand how to pray concerning this law. I want you to also consider contacting your representatives, and letting them know that you are a person of faith who… Continue reading The Do No Harm Act

CPAC 2021

I will not spoil for you what the event is talking about, but I will simply post them below for your consumption. Please get pen and paper out and take notes (be sure to write the date of the event before the notes are taken so you will know which is which. The app and… Continue reading CPAC 2021

Take Action: Let The Police Know You Support Them During This Time

I would like to talk to you about something. Do you know how the Police are catching flack concerning certain actions they’re taken that seem racially motivated and how people are talking of defunding the Police? Well, I’d like to challenge us: I want us to take action and commend the police department as a… Continue reading Take Action: Let The Police Know You Support Them During This Time

Speak Up For Life

I have been sent an email from IFA Action today concerning speaking for life, seeing the leaders in our nation won’t physically get to see us but that the March For Life will be a virtual event. I encourage you to do as I did and write your representatives and tell them that you stand… Continue reading Speak Up For Life

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