Solemn Assemblies

Welcome to this blog. Today, I want to gather the many different solemn assemblies which I have watched. Please participate with us in these assemblies. God bless! The Leading Of The Holy Spirit Be by the leading of the Holy Spirit. At first, I watched The Return and was writing the things we were repenting… Continue reading Solemn Assemblies

Judge Not; Lest Ye Be Judged

Hello everyone! This is a commentary on a certain blog which I read by Mario Murillo. I want to talk today as the title implies about what Jesus meant when He said, “Judge not; lest ye be judged.” I have taught on this previously on a Sermon Sunday, but there is more that needs to… Continue reading Judge Not; Lest Ye Be Judged

DOJ Rebukes San Francisco Mayor for Treating Worship Like ‘Solitary Confinement’ — Charisma News

Mayor London Breed received a stern reminder about First Amendment rights. — Read on

Two Days To Get Out

Folks, sorry I’m so late with this blog. This was released sometime Yesterday about California. It has to do with any living there that whatever is about to happen, they will only have 2 days to get out–whatever that may mean. This is not to freak you out. This is only to get you praying… Continue reading Two Days To Get Out

Riots to Revival: Thousands Worship in Portland Amid Civil Unrest

Thousands gathered in Portland’s Waterfront Park on Saturday to worship and pray amid the civil unrest that has plagued the city for over two months. — Read on


70% of churches are now open. But the war on Christians is keeping 30% closed. The bureaucratic and political opposition to churches being truly open continues as politicians continue to restrict or outlaw church attendance… — Read on

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