The Truth About Abortion And Human Life, Part 47: Prayer Concerning An Oklahoma Bill And Cultural Transformation Concerning Abortion

I will not be posting all of the sources mentioned in this podcast, as, this is a prayer meeting. If you have a prayer language, utilize it. If you are an abortion worker, click on the Work at PP? link or on this page. Now, here is the podcast. God bless!

The Do No Harm Act

As you can see, the Do No Harm Act is very harmful to a person of faeath. The above video will, in and of itself, help you understand how to pray concerning this law. I want you to also consider contacting your representatives, and letting them know that you are a person of faith who… Continue reading The Do No Harm Act

The Unity Of The Spirit

I have even been thinking the same thing, but in a different way, about unity. This article pronounces the same thing as the Lord showed Mark Taylor here and here. Beloved, we need to stop attacking one another. If you even disagree with someone on abortion even, if you get offended, take it to the… Continue reading The Unity Of The Spirit

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