The Chosen TV Series Update

I want to give you an update here in a minute about Season 2 of The Chosen. Right now, Dallas Jenkins is locking episode 4, which he explains in this video, which can be found here. Please pray for The Chosen Team as they film, edit and distribute all of the rest of the seasons.… Continue reading The Chosen TV Series Update

Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E5

Welcome everyone to another installment of Fun Friday. From the start, I’d like to mention that if any of you like this episode and want to keep going, you can go to and get the app, or just to watch it on whatever technology you use. God bless! Now, let’s begin. 1. Biblical… Continue reading Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E5

Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E1

Welcome to Fun Friday. I’d like to share with you The Chosen, Season 1, Episode 1 and its roundtable. You will definitely learn a lot of things when listening to this roundtable, so set back, get your popcorn, ask the Lord to help you grow spiritually as you watch this and enjoy! 1. Roundtable I… Continue reading Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E1

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