The Chosen TV Series Update

I want to give you an update here in a minute about Season 2 of The Chosen. Right now, Dallas Jenkins is locking episode 4, which he explains in this video, which can be found here. Please pray for The Chosen Team as they film, edit and distribute all of the rest of the seasons.… Continue reading The Chosen TV Series Update

Fun Friday: The Chosen, Pilot Episode

Merry Christmas everyone! One thing I forgot to do when we first started these Fun Friday blogs is post the Pilot Episode of The Chosen. I will post first a video on here of how The Chosen began so you will know why I call today’s episode the Pilot Episode. This episode is about the… Continue reading Fun Friday: The Chosen, Pilot Episode

Christmas With The Chosen

I want to invite you to join me in watching a Christmas special put on by The Chosen. The title of the Special is the title of this blog. As I had shown previously, The Chosen can be watched by all who call upon and believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior (and… Continue reading Christmas With The Chosen

The Chosen

The following blog consists of resources you can look at concerning how reliable The Chosen is for us to watch. I know that it is too little too late because I’ve already got some if not all of you hooked on this show. Sorry! But today, I want to help all of us understand just… Continue reading The Chosen

Fun Friday: S1E6

Hello everybody! I’d like to post today on Fun Friday The Chosen, Episode 6 as you see in the title. Again, if you want the app, the website is, and if just for more information or to watch ox the computer (the app is preferable for better quality according to Dallas Jenkins the director… Continue reading Fun Friday: S1E6

Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E5

Welcome to Fun Friday. If are reading this version that has headings and looks more professional, it means that the original one that I wrote did not come out. Thank you so much for watching tonight’s episode of The Chosen. God bless and enjoy! The Chosen’s Biblical RoundTable For the full roundtable, go to… Continue reading Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E5

Appology Pertaining To Our Prayerful Thursday This Week

Sorry folks! I did it again. Recently, I scheduled a blog to come out today which was for us to agree with Franklin Grahm. The way WordPress seems to work is when the’s blogs that are upcoming to be scheduled, the app makes them disappear from your site so you think the’s nothing scheduled to… Continue reading Appology Pertaining To Our Prayerful Thursday This Week

Fun Friday: The Chosen S1E3

Welcome again to Fun Friday. I’d like to introduce to you The Chosen, Season 1, Episode 3. Here we go. Enjoy! 1. The Biblical Roundtable: Again, there is no roundtable on YouTube, but that can be found on the Deep Dive tab on The Chosen app. 2. Episode 3 Notice how Jesus prays in such… Continue reading Fun Friday: The Chosen S1E3

Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E2

Welcome again to Fun Friday. I’d like to now bring to you Episode 2 of The Chosen. 1. The Biblical Roundtable Today, I was unable to find the Roundtable, but if you have the App, you will be able to watch it there. 2. The Episode Here is today’s episode. Get your popcorn or dinner,… Continue reading Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E2

Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E1

Welcome to Fun Friday. I’d like to share with you The Chosen, Season 1, Episode 1 and its roundtable. You will definitely learn a lot of things when listening to this roundtable, so set back, get your popcorn, ask the Lord to help you grow spiritually as you watch this and enjoy! 1. Roundtable I… Continue reading Fun Friday: The Chosen, S1E1

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