I Am A Christian

This poem came from a Facebook post from a friend of mine and I thought it was amazing. There was no title on it, so this is why I entitled it, “I am a Christian,” and also because that was the main theme within the poem. God bless and I hope that this blesses your heart! ​

The Salvation Story

They who hear my story are never the same. It’s the truth about a Savior. Jesus is His name. He walked the earth As a Man for 33 years And His reward was to die For us And our sins. We know and believe now He was much more than a Man. He was the… Continue reading The Salvation Story

Yahweh Has You On His Heart | Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross Do you know you’re valuable Do you know you’re powerful Yahweh has you on his heart Your life is secure in the Father’s hands God already planned your life and it’s good and prosperous Grace is being poured out over all your decisions and provision Mercy and Grace are being extended…… Continue reading Yahweh Has You On His Heart | Pure Glory

Ruth Bell Graham: This Is My Body …

A poem by Ruth Bell Graham. — Read on decisionmagazine.com/ruth-bell-graham-this-is-my-body/

Categorized as Poetry

Ruth Bell Graham: Winter speaks …

A poem by Ruth Bell Graham. — Read on decisionmagazine.com/ruth-bell-graham-winter-speaks/

Categorized as Poetry

His Banner Over Me | Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub I AM sent by Daddy God to give you life more abundantly, for your gain No more shame or dwelling in the place of hopelessness, lack and pain More abundant life at the banqueting table and feasting with Me the King Abundance, honor due to my covenant-keeping name, and joyously sing Wounded…… Continue reading His Banner Over Me | Pure Glory

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