The Paula Faris Podcast For This Week: Ben Higgins About Loneliness and Addiction To Painkillers

The title almost says it all. This podcast will discuss a book by Ben Higgins called Alone In Plain Sight. He stared in The Bachelor. Here is the podcast. If you want bonus content, go to, and you will get a newsletter every two weeks. God bless!

Are Demons, Ghosts, and Exorcisms Real?

The following blog presents a podcast from Politely Rude with Abby Johnson where they will talk about Billy Hallowell’s book called Playing With Fire: A Modern Investigation Into Demons, Exorcisms, And Ghosts, which can be found here (Bookshare), here (iBooks on Apple), and here (for Amazon users). Here is the podcast where you can learn… Continue reading Are Demons, Ghosts, and Exorcisms Real?