Why God Is Not Letting You Move On From Someone in Your Past: Part 2

This is the same as was in the video, but for those that like to read, here you go. Sorry if you’ve already watched the video. Here are 4 possible reasons God is not allowing you to move on from someone in your past. — Read on applygodsword.com/4-reasons-god-is-not-letting-you-move-on-from-someone-in-your-past/

God May Be Telling You Something If You Can’t Get Over Someone In Your Past: Part 1

This post is part one because there will be an article from the same website by the same name. I encourage you to take notes even if you have yet to be in a relationship so that you will be prepared when or if you get wounded and what to do. God bless! http://www.youtube.com/watch

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